Friday, August 21, 2020

Electric Car Kits – Do It Yourself For As Little As £ / $5000

The DIY Electric Car landscape has evolved so much

Past 2020/2021 there are a major amount of DIY EV car kits available on the market than ever before. I have even been checking out hub motors direct in wheel and trying to calculate the power differential to a central engine clutch based motor. An obvious benefit being you can have both engine and motor with hub motors but more on that later.

Electric car kits are more popular than ever these days. That’s because so many people want to own electric cars, but they can’t afford the very few that are available today.

A lot of people have jumped on the electric vehicle bandwagon recently. For example, here’s actor Tom Hanks talking about his beloved electric car.

Electric cars kits basically teach you how to convert your expensive gas-guzzler into a zero-emissions electric vehicle. It’s a matter of removing your car’s internal combustion engine and replacing it with batteries and an electric motor. It takes a little time and effort, but for just a few hundred dollars, you can take part in the evolution of a whole new frontier in transportation.

Electric Car Kits Can Save You Lots of Money!

Electric cars offer many advantages. Perhaps the most attractive is gas independence. You’ll never have to stop for gas again! That alone saves thousands of dollars a year. You’ll also be eligible for big federal and state tax rebates (because you drive an alternate fuel vehicle). Of course, electric cars are great for the environment. And they reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

There are lots of electric car kits available right now, but here are two of the most popular. These electric car conversion kits are essentially manuals that you can instantly download from the computer. So, yes, you can start converting your car today!

The Top-Rated Electric Car Kits

Convert2ev This kit is currently one of the most popular electric car kits. The main selling point of this kit is that it’s written by a couple who have lived “off the grid” for the past 15 years using only solar energy, wind power, and electric vehicles. They’ve also written books about how to create your own electricity which you’ll get for free when you purchase the kit. That’s a good deal! Visit the website here.

Electricity4Gas This kit shows you how to convert your car for about $300. You’ll learn how to get the parts you need for very little money. This kit also comes with book bonuses. And there’s an entertaining video on the website that busts the myth that electric cars are slow (it features the guys from the TV show “Mythbusters”). You can visit the website here.

Many experts believe that, in the not-too-distant future, the price of gas will skyrocket to heights we’ve never seen before. But you won’t have to worry if you’re driving an electric vehicle. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you also be part of the solution to the world’s energy problems with one of these electric car kits.

Are electric car kits for you? If you like tinkering with cars and want to be part of an exciting revolution in alternate fuels, then the answer is probably yes. Electric vehicle kits show you how to remove your current gas-guzzling engine and replace it with an electric motor and batteries. The result is a zero-emissions car that’s great for the environment and will save you lots of money.

Electric vehicle conversions used to be something only professional mechanics could do. And it used to be very expensive. However, new technology has made the conversion process much easier and cheaper. There are now electric cars kits, or manuals, that you can buy online for $30 – $50. One electric car kit shows you how to convert your car for as little as $5000. In order to do the conversion so cheaply, it’s necessary to find parts for very little or no cost. But the kit show you exactly how to do this.

Electric Car Kits Are The Future!

Electric vehicle conversions are fun and educational. After all, battery technology is going to be THE big thing in the future. New York Timescolumnist Thomas Friedman recently wrote “Big batteries that can store electricity for transportation and wind and solar generation are the indispensable enablers of the energy Internet of the future. Europe, Japan and China are already dominating this industry. It’s the key to clean-tech, and ultimately our national competitiveness. We can’t allow ourselves to be battery importers in the 21st century the way we were oil importers in the 20th.”

I believe that people are finally starting to take alternative fuels seriously. But it’s impossible to buy an affordable electric car today. That’s a big reason why electric car kits are so popular these days. People don’t want to wait—they want to be part of the future right now!

There are two electric car kits that provide great value. These can both be downloaded immediately from the internet:

The Top Two Electric Car Kits

Convert2ev This is the #1 best-selling kit. The couple behind this have been living “off the grid” for 15 years relying on solar energy, wind power, and electric vehicles. They’re experts at the practical application of alternate energy. In fact, this kit comes with bonus books about how to create your own electricity, written by the same couple. Go to the website here.

Electricity4Gas This kit focuses on getting the most bang for your buck. Amazingly, it shows you how to convert your vehicle for as little as $5000. When you purchase the kit you also get bonus books. You can check it all out on their website here. This is a great resource if you’re interested in electric car kits.

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