Monday, August 17, 2020

The electric car is a conspiracy to take over the Varoom Sound

Yes I know it is hard to believe but all the news I read has made me have a vision and it starts with Varoom and ends with Varoom!

What are the biggest misconceptions about the hybrid and electric car?

First, the energy used to charge electric cars will produce more pollution than the ICE car itself?

The electric grid will disintegrate when everybody plugs their PHEV and Electric cars in at the same time.

If everybody drives a hybrid or electric car the price of gas will fall and I can drive my Hummer as much as I want.

What about the emissions generated in making the batteries. The carbon footprint of these toys is enormous. The envir-wackos have won another stupid victory.

Like other short sighted environmentalist ideas it will do more harm than good and just create more environmental problems.

How much will it cost to replace a battery after a few years?

How does the battery get disposed of, safely and without harm to the environment?

Batteries won’t work in cold weather.

The Chevy Volt is too expensive, period. Why spend over $40,000 for a car that only goes maybe 80 miles in good weather?

Only the rich can afford an electric car and they don’t care how much it cost for gasoline, so nobody is going to buy an electric car.

Maybe we should encourage Government Motors to develop the Chevy Sail that unfurls after the battery gives out after 40 miles, which will be useless on days when the wind is blowing the wrong way or not at all, or the Chevy Photon, that has solar panels on its roof, which will be a problem kicking in during Chicago winters, when it’s dark going and coming home from work.

My rarely driven Cobra Mustang just said “come hither”. You guys worry about it, I’m out.

The above are actual accounts most taken from one source; I lost it while reading this stuff, but I see these actual comments on a daily basis. I hear and see these same arguments daily on web sites, the news and TV.

We are running out of oil. That trumps all nay saying. We either solve this problem or we become a third world country. We either get on board or it will be that much more painful. Our import bill was 460 billion dollars last year. If all goes well we can expect that bill to rise every year at a 2% increase for 40 years; then even the oil companies say we will have reached the peak.

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