Monday, October 19, 2020

Tesla Electric Cars

There are at least two versions of the Tesla electric car story, both of which are based on information passed on from generation to generation. To summarize the legend of a 1930s electric car, this vehicle supposedly had some improvements and design features applied by Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was from the European nation of Serbia. He lived from 1856 to 1943, a lifetime during which he became known for his skill as an electrical engineer and mechanical engineer. His patents and inventions formed the foundation for what we know about alternating current, electrical power systems and alternating-current motors. But to some he was a "mad scientist" who died in relative poverty.

Real and Imaginary

The car involved in the Tesla story of the 1930s was a Pierce Arrow, according to the various myths, legends and traditions handed down over the past 80 years. These tales indicated that the electrical-power system ran "hot" and was not practical enough to be produced in large numbers.

However, the company that carries the Tesla name in the 21st century has taken the idea of an electric car far beyond anything the Serbian engineer and inventor could have produced. A modern company called Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers based in California's Silicon Valley. They set their goals on proving "that electric vehicles could be awesome".

By 2008 the company had produced a viable electric vehicle that is now operating on the streets and highways of several countries. 

Look at the Basics

At the heart of Tesla Motors success are the unique design and construction of battery packs and power trains. In addition to a goal of selling electric cars the company hopes to "put more electric cars on the road" by cooperating with other car manufacturers. This will, according to Tesla's marketing information, "lessen global dependence on petroleum-based transportation and drive down the cost of electric vehicles".

In the short time the company has been in existence designers and engineers have secured more than a dozen patents related to electric-vehicle transportation. The company also has nearly 100 patents pending. One of the primary targets for this new organization is production of electric vehicles built around the driver. Electric cars should be an experience that connects the driver, the car and the environment "in ways they've never connected before," Tesla has stated.

Objective View

One of the best ways to get to the truth about any product or service is to study the reports from third-party tests or reviews. Fortunately, such reputable observers of the automotive scene as Motor Trend magazine and Car and Driver magazine have taken a close look at the Tesla electric car. In spite of the reports that Tesla really didn't try to make car batteries, the modern-day connection with the engineer's name seems to be a success.

Road tests by these major automotive magazines show that the 248-horsepower Tesla Roadster delivers 211 pound-feet of "zero-rpm torque". The lithium-ion batteries apparently give the car plenty of "juice". The weight/torque ratio rivals that of the Lotus, according to tests. Battery reserves reportedly equal 2.1 gallons of gasoline though the company claims the Tesla Roadster is much more efficient than a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle.

How to Use a Tesla electric car

Charging the Tesla Roadster in preparation for road use is similar to charging a cell phone. The process involves plugging the connecting cord into an electrical wall outlet and waiting for the batteries to become fully charged. Most Tesla owners simply charge their vehicle overnight, which allows them to get in a drive away with enough electrical power to get through the day.

Without getting too "technical" in describing how the charging process works, we can simply describe the charger as being integrated into the vehicle (as part of the power train). Connectors are available for charging with a standard 120-volt outlet or a 240-volt outlet.

The number of miles provided by a full charge will vary, of course, depending on air temperature, highway use, city use and other variables. But the average mileage on a full charge is about 245 miles, according to the company. A Tesla electric car driven during test conditions traveled more than 300 miles before recharge was needed.

One of the questions people ask about electric cars in general and about the Tesla Roadster in particular is:

Can I use a Tesla electric car to make a long-distance road trip?

According to third-party reviews and company information, hundreds of owners are making long-distance trips as long as they can access electrical outlets at private homes, hotels, motels and campgrounds along the way.

Tesla sells a home connector that will charge the Roadster at the rate of about 56 miles of use for each hour the car is connected. This means that a fully drained battery can be completely recharged in about four hours. Another connector that is designed for use on road trips charges a depleted battery in about six hours. These charges range in price from $1,500 to $2,000.

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster has a sticker price above $100,000 and was the first vehicle developed by Tesla Motors. Company figures indicated that approximately 1,000 Tesla Roadsters were in use in 2010.

Tesla Model S

Tesla also plans to manufacture a Model S, sedan style car that will travel about 300 miles on a fully charge battery pack. The company is "now taking reservations" for the Model S, which was made available in 2012. This design was more affordable for the working man and woman, with a price tag in the $50,000+ range. .

If the sedan model satisfies owners as the Roadster has the company should be successful with its new model. Some drivers have reported that the Roadster is not just a sports car it's a "great" sports car. Tesla has been able to produce practical, enjoyable vehicles that are up to three times as cost efficient as a comparable gasoline-powered car. Both third-party reviews and paying customers have praised the efforts of a car company that is new on the automotive scene. Some say Tesla has set the standard for the future of electric cars.

Tesla Model X

The Model X is a SUV style EV with unique T open doors that are very futuristic, loads of storage space and 6 spacious Seats.


Tesla Model 3

This Model is the Mid Range affordable model of Tesla EV and also was the most diffcult to reach purley because of numbers. The Model 3 is the mass production cheapest cost of the Tesla range thus the previous models had to be established and be succesful before this could be feasable. Now its out and is a raging success.

Tesla Truck

Since 2015 theres been a trend on trucks or pickups as standard family all purpose all terrain vehicles, everyone first thought teslas was a flop till they observed 250,000 pre orders role in after launch. 


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