Saturday, March 27, 2021

Ford Motors EV Entry 2021 Ford Electric Cars

Hey people so this article is all about the latest news from ford electric vehicles ford is announcing in the very brief update that they want to [Music] become predominantly electric in the very near future which means good news for all. Of the ford funds so i mean for all those that are interested in you know who who lived through the cars of like focus on mondeo and the st at the races and things like that we'll be super excited to know that ford is a forward-thin. Company and they are now entering the electric market like pretty much every other car manufacturer is going to have to do anyway because it's just going to be the future and it's the way to go in terms of securing your company and y.

And Your Karma Manufacturing !

And your karma manufacturing business in the future because the demand is purely for electric cars i mean if you've not got electric cars going on then what are you doing exactly like the electric cars should be should be at the for. You know everything's going to be electric so one has to you know assume that there's uh a great deal of thinking and thought that went into this from fall obviously but on the other hand possibly not because they just followed tren. Trend and thought you know what everyone's doing it it's about time we got on the bandwagon as well and started converting our cars to electric too because we have stuff like the gigafactory from tesla now we have other companies li.

Gm motors like even making three thousand dollar cars in china you know three thousand dollar electric cars can you believe it anyway gm ruling i think it's called never forget that name but different story ford is official they're. Comingand they're ready for evie that was just a quick update guys leave your comments below let me know are there any cars that you're looking forward for for to make to electric what do you think how do you feel about it i want to. Know in the comments what you think about fault and they're entering to the market because for me i'm interested to know will the designs of these cars change fundamentally or is it going to be the same vehicle model types that are.

The ford range at the moment coming out as electric conversions okay so it's just a matter of changing the fuel type and will there be more hybrids or will they be fully electric so that is to bc i heard numbers of like 22 billion o. Something like that um flying around i'm also going to look into that around what's this what this is going to do to the company's um stock prices and not just for ford i'm going to look at this across the board across all car manuf. Because you know it's it's an interesting shift and i feel that the price of the batteries is still keeping it competitive to the pricing of engine builds and stuff inside the manufacturing of these vehicles but with um ford and oth.

And Other Companies ?

And other companies entering the market at the moment uh into with the with the electric vehicles it makes a impressive time for shift and i'm very curious and excited to see what changes and evolutions and range types of battery ty. And car weights and safety measures that ford will introduce with their experience it's almost as if every manufacturer has their type of experience with vehicles as well and brings their ownlevel and type and specification specific. Type of experience to the board when they bring over their electric vehicles and it's interesting to see what each manufacturer does with their electric vehicles for example if you if you remember the vw well that design definitely.

Ford Motors EV Entry 2021 Ford Electric Cars

Electric Car ⚡🚗 Grant Cut Subsidy UK Manufacturers Respond Vauxhall

The uk has just gone uncut the electric car grant and in this video we're gonna find out why that's happened because it affects all of the motor industry going forward in the future and we will know why that's going on because we don't. Like electric cars because every car is going electric right but also i'm to cover because this happened in the last week so i'm also going to cover what's going on and how other vehicle makers are responding to this car it wasn't a. A massive cut as such but in terms of how much subsidy you actually get is a decent proportion of it so let me get into that now and as you can see here it statesthe grant has been cut from 3 000 pounds down to 2 500 pounds so that.

Said When You Buy !

Said when you buy a brand new electric vehicle you'll only get two and a half grand instead of three okay where's that 500 quid extra going to come from well as you can see uk slashes grounds for electric car by as well retaining pe. Petrol vehicle support okay because obviously the uk has got a plan right now of the next 10 years you know electric cars inother standard fuel-based vehicles fossil fuel based vehicles out so you know but they're still supporting t. Them the guardian is telling us about thatthe color grant eligibility changed a little as well so some of the rules within the car grant changed and that's interesting read in terms of where and how you're obtaining your vehicle and.

Things like thatbut now this is just fresh in today as you can see herenext vauxhall reduces electric car prices by more than two thousand pounds after uk government cuts plug-in hybrid grant okay so some vehicle makers are actually. Cutting the prices of electric vehicles and i i believe this has something to do the cost of manufacturing because i believe because because there's less moving parts in a electric vehicle than there is in a mechanical vehicle or or. A petrol diesel powered vehicle um the cost of manufacturer e manufacturer is maybe still slightly high because we're still waiting on battery technology to catch up but in my view i would say that it's generally cheaper to manufact.

An electric vehicle than it is to manufacture and it wasn't for tesla right because they were the first to do it but now because everyone's doing it it's going to get cheaper and cheaper as time goes on i've heard about dasia bringi. One out from you know in in europe already for you know less than 10 grand so the you know europe's already got an electric vehicle there's less than 10 grand china's already got one that's less than three grand you know it's inevit. Right prices are going to come down eventually okay i can see all your favorite cars in the future being about four or five grand cheaper maybe than they would have been if they were petrol and diesel that's without the grunt intent.

Intent But Let'S See ?

Intent but let's see how that works okay vauxhall's managed to do it already and they've done a cracking job government cut 500 quid vauxhall cut two grand there we go so that's greatum sohopefully that got through to everywhereso w. What i want to say is that there's not a case of alarm that it's not a case of you know feeling as though we're being left behind and we're being you know fobbed off in any way i think it's a reasonable cut it was it you know it rem. Me of thesolar power industry thatwent through the same phase you know there were loads of subsidies to start with and grants and stuff like that and you know with solar panels and you know producing your own power and things like t.

That and as the price in the market went down because they started off relatively expensive like solar panel you know like a two to five five kilowatt system would you know take you between you know five and twenty five years to pay. It wasn't even five actually i think it was about twelve to twenty five years to pay back and now the cost is somewhere between three and eight years so you know for you to get a return on your investment for a solar panel system th. Could potentially left you last year was guaranteed for 25 years so that's a lot of math there but what i'm saying is it happened in the solar power industry grants went down eventually and now if we're seeing it happen in the elect.

Vehicles industry grants are going down so more is to be seen i think it's a reasonable it wasn't you know straight thousand pounds off like it wasn't a third of it it's a sixth of the run that they've got off so you know i feel it's it's reasonable and especially with some kind manufacturers like vauxhall who are trying to balance the cut out by reducing their car prices by two grand i think that's fantastic and still leaves the electric car market. Very favorable i shall see you all next time.

Electric Car ⚡🚗 Grant Cut Subsidy UK Manufacturers Respond Vauxhall