Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Aptera prototype 70mph speed test & wheel hub motors


Make sure you like share subscribe this is an art electric car update this is the latest content information that i could find on the aptera and it also goes through quite a run-through of the different absurd vehicles that are available. And and some information in here um is the most up-to-date in terms of actual footage as well so of the aptera electric car the one that does 101 000 miles per charge and as long as you drive about less than 35 miles a day you may n. Not even need to charge it again let's get into the content welcome make sure you subscribe if you haven't alreadyso here it goes like this this color i've not seen before there's quite a few colors in this video that i haven't seen.

Beforethis Color Is !

Beforethis color is pretty slick to be honest i need to turn on this so that we're kind of getting what's going on so that's a prototype versionnoisy said riding for those of the nice solar powered electric vehicle motor cycleso obv. They're going100 watt hours per mileyeah this guy just you can use the vehicle i'm just gonnatell you that you can use the up terra vehicle to work on back because this guy's been testing it for cnet and the cnet reporter has mentio. Mentioned that you know you can travel to work and back and because it's within that 30 40 mile commute you don't even use any of the energy you don't even use any of the fuel in the car i call it fuel for now because the guy called.

It fuel but you know you don't even touch the battery because it's all done on solar recharge that entire trip i don't know how far his trip was maybe it's 10 20 miles like thatbut it was done on solar recharge so he didn't even tou. Or consume any of the battery's energy which is fantasticand they talked about the drug resistance ratios and reduction which obviously comes into the body shape and aerodynamicsand we're going in through the ab terror engineers the. Going through how far down they've got the watt hours per mile and the aerodynamics again and the prototypes that they've got going on in black and white and this is this is the most interesting better prototypegoing up to i think t.

This one suspension demonstrationit's a prototype with the wheels it's got no body on it this up terra it's quite green and it goes up to 70 miles per hour this prototype does and i'm certain this is the one with the wheel hub motor. That i mentioned to a mechanical engineer once back in the past and that mechanical engineer didn't agree with me i said you know what it's about in hub we all have more the future because it's it's just they're just the most effici. They an app terror is proving that because they're making them they've got them on the most efficient solar commercially viable solar vehicle in the world and and they're in hub they wheel home mars there you go the motor stays stil.

Still Exactly Opposite ?

Still exactly opposite you can have much more crushable space propulsion advantages enhances safety because obviously weight distributionso yeah obviously they've got all the computers and stuff to work all this out i had to work ou. Out in my head but there we go turned out to be rightsurprising amount of trunk space this is interesting look at the size of the trunk it is a massive and they actually turned this was the tent they were talking about on a position. This was the actual tent they were talking about rightthey showed that there's you can actually camp in the app terror and that is a snapshot of the tent that you can basically fasten on to the boot of the aptera and it becomes bit.

Basically a two or three man tent quite easily with the boot door open it's fantastic what an excellent ideaat that plenty of roomthere you can sleep in there saying it's got six seven four spacewhich is excellent so i don't know wh. I think is it got threethey're taking pre-orders they got 26 000 orders right now for the aptera i'm hoping to build many thousands of vehicles in 2023 so they can continue producing in 2023 and they've also scaled up the facility a. As you can see is quite big for 20 000 vehicles a year they can pump out there which is excellent to know because obviously that will add to the baseline figures and make the company bigger which is what we wantyou get the full extr.

Solar package you get 40 40 miles a day free chargeoff the self-charging solar car that was a great video hope you all enjoyed the update uh let me know what you think in the comments or the updates that you hopefully got to see if. You haven't already seen them or even if you have you got to see them in action you know some of the prototype models as well which are quite interesting and the first potentially look at those uh we all have mars at the front two w. And what they're doing and what up terror the company has calculated and considered and you know done their engineering tests and stress tests and things like that umin regards to especially what was what was quite interesting is this is the latest edition from aptera.


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