Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tesla Roadster VS Aptera?


As promised in this video we are going to discuss the ab terror versus the tesla roadster i thinkseeing as though they're getting some form of popularity at the moment these comparison videos i'm making i thought the best comparison. Actually be especially with tesla's range on offering with the tesla roadster becauseit is the most like for like i would say comparison to the altera car i believe it to be a car by the way some that would disagree with me and say. Say it's the motorbike but i would say no it's not a motorbike it is a car um it has two doors two seats in a cabin it's got two front wheels doesn't matter if you've got one back wheel it's a car it has a boot as well right an actu.

Boot You Know So Anyway !

Boot you know so anyway going off topic there a second so i'm not going to be making a comparison video of the aptera versus some type of motorcycle although there might be some versions of the aptera with like other electric versio. Or you know comparisons with motorcycles but his primary focus is to be a vehicle type of a car right which is why it's shaped the way it is motorcycles are not enclosed they are not covered they are not you know like have doors on. On them and stuff for you to get in and out of and secure and your boots and all that type of stuff yeah so don't call it a motorcycle i'm sorry i don't agree with that i'm sure i'm gonna get plenty of comments about this but there.

Go okay on to the comparisonthe tesla roadster first of all let's discuss price because this is this was the flagship car for tesla that launched tesla from nothing to an actual electrical car maker so it's quite an important vehicl. For tesla right so they are obviously coming out and this this image that i'm showing you is like kind of what the latest design might look like of the rules so as you can see it's more like the model lines fits in with them quite a. A lot um in terms of design nowversus the up terra obviously the altera still looks com in comparison to design although this looks quite sleek and you know like like a porsche or like uh going along the lines of a ferrari's type of.

Style itit's not as futuristic as the aptera the aptera still beats it i believe looking at the visuals i believe this this design is timely but the altera design is more still more futuristic it still looks futuristic i can i belie. I'll probably be saying that in five years ten years it'll still look futuristic because most cars will still stay along these like boxy tinder lines butwe'll see but in terms of design more futuristic umdefinitely the aptera wins i. It there now the next big question and i was quite slightly surprised with this and i feel it makes the competition a lot more intense when comparing these two vehicles as opposed to the model 3 of the model s where you know the ran.

Isn'T That Much It'S ?

Isn't that much it's like 200 to 350 miles let's just saybut with the roadster you're instantly talking 600 miles 620 miles 650 miles range and when you compare that to the upterra 1000 miles range that's when the competition gets t. Tighter and more intense because obviously the range increase of the roadster and this is a major reason why i wanted to compare the two because i knew that this the roadster was a lighter vehicle and more of its way is along not th. Actual bodywork and the seating or the interiors and fixtures it's more along the lines of making it lightweight and more of the weight is towards the actual battery capacity so which is obviously improved over time as well so we're.

Talking about you know the recent or the most recent model right it tells the world stuff not the past ones you know we're always talking about the newest latest iterations right so when we compare that and we compare the 600 on som. Range with the 1000 mile range that's where it's you know you can say that the competition is more intense i would say i would say if you're looking for something with long range and and you don't mind it being a two-seateri wouldn'. Wouldn't see [Music] obviously if you because they're both two seaters right unless the tesla's going to bring out one of the roadsters with like extra space in the back because it does look like it's got some windows at the back fo.

Some purpose so it might be a falsie i'm not sure butif it's a four seater then obviously it's one on seating but range wise the aptera still wins because it's got a longer range and it's got that recharge capability on that range b. You can be driving out long enough for it to even recharge with a thousand mile range that's the thing it just whereas the roadster even if it did have recharge capability i'm not talking about re regenerative braking here i'm talki. Talking about panels right so solar powered recharging i'm talking about no regen even if it did have that it's only got 600 miles to run for it to recharge and it's only got similar amounts of headroom headroom i say i mean what i.

Mean By Headroom Is !

Mean by headroom is space for solar panels to fit on the top of the vehicle or around the vehicle for it to catch enough sun and convert that to electricity each other batteries whereas the aptera again wins on road time so i will c. Recharging it's the mixed comparison the with these two because i'm comparing range but also i'm comparing recharge capability if the roadster didn't have it they tell the roadster the aptera would win simply and purely because it's. It's still got similar surface area four solar panels to a standard sized vehicle anyway and also it's got more range on the road by a factor of 30 something 30 30 or more than 30 percent for it to be out on the road drivingfor you.

To Be Able To Recharge ?

To be able to recharge i'm talking about use obviously yeah you can leave the vehicle parked up but i'm not talking about that type of usage i'm talking about constant usage so you're using the vehicle every day that's how i'm compa. Them i'm not comparing them you know like if you leave it parked up for a few days and you know the sudden it just recharged whilst it's packed up no i'm talking about constantly driving 20 30 40 miles a day how much recharge can yo. You get and how long can you carry on going forward with the app terror we know if you were driving that vehicle for 10 days you could probably carry on going for another three or four days just based on recharging from that 10 days. .

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