Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tesla Model 3 VS Aptera?


So it's game over really the up terror winsi'm joking let's get into the video so we're discussing the ab terrorversus the tesla model 3 now the app terra is a unique vehicle becauselook at how it's designed it just is look at that i. Mean the way that it's designed and the way that that's only one wheel at the back by the way it hasn't got two it's a three-wheeler but it's got two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back obviously the model 3 is um you know. Four wheel looks like a normal car kind of thing but look at this this just looks like quite a futuristic right especially i've not seen it in black as the first one that i've seen in black and i think he's got like lights going aro.

The Wheel Up There !

The wheel up there which just looks stunningly cool i love the red and black seas so based upon that right looks wise i think they're two different cars now the ad terra i'm going to discuss the ab terror first but the ad terror can. Do like a thousand miles on one charge range whereas the model three can do about three three fifty something about 250 to 350 right depending on what size battery you get but the thing with the altera is once you've got that 1000 m. Mile charge right and you drive around for 1 000 miles it's likely that as long as you stay under a 30 to 40 mile range per day well no as long as you stay under what does it work out as long as you stay under about 120 150 miles pe.

Day right120 miles a day just to be safe right and you're driving every day of the week seven days a week right but this might work out even better if if you don't drive that after you just leave it parked outside how i'm saying if. You're driving constantly for a week 120 miles a day you may not need to recharge this vehicle because it's so light and so aerodynamic it is also self charging so you can charge it by a connection but it's also got its own solar pa. Which recharge it to the tune of about i've heard 40 miles a day you'll get range so if look if you do 40 miles per day right a 50 miles even per day four or five days a week this vehicle is excellent for you becauseyou won't need t.

To charge it again that's that that is the selling point of this car and i was waiting to be honest for vehicles to get to this point and this pretty much has is there i would say like it is you know these loads of these need this c. Company needs to grow fast it needs to get loads of investors and hopefully grow quicker and you know it'sgonna reduce dependency on the gridso these cars really need to take off like it looks like it's going to take off you know al. They need is afinal the front and that's all i'll just start spitting and take off i think a couple of wings and i'll say you're off looks a bit like a little plane butumthis this is i think the main selling point definitely is that.

You Can Do A Thousand ?

You can do a thousand miles range and it doesn't need charging again and i don't think the model 3 can even begin to compete with that because after 300 miles 250 miles we'll need charging again then comes the price point right okay. So let's discuss the model 3 now 103 is really good right coopit's a bit smaller it's a bit more you know family type car you know small family type car it's really good right but this all right it's a four or five seater right that. The big selling pointthat the tesla is notbecause this seating wise this car will be classed like a roadster almost right because you haven't got thefour seats it's just just a two-seater but you can actuallylay someone in the back.

Obviously it's not really like safe and stuff but i've seen like people lay in the back of these up tara cars because you can actually camp in them two two full fully grown adults can lay in the boot of this car no problem like easi. Wise the tesla is about forty to fifty thousand dollars starting price model three whereas the up terror is twenty five thousand dollars no twenty five thousand nine hundred dollars starting price goes all the way up to forty thousa. Forty thousand dollars but if they're doing on additional stuff but you can add to it there's still a cracking price do you i think the big difference obviously isprice and seats i would say seats how many seats there are makes a hu.

Difference that impact on who would buy this car i think he's gonna go to like fans uh young couples professional couples or like singles or like you know it might be like a an additional car or a you know just a second vehicle or s. Something like that well you know it's only one or two people like that need to drive and need to get in the car whatever it's more than that it won't work as like a you know four or five person family car unless you do multiple tri. Which you can do because they're all free so that's so you can make it work as a family multi-family car no multi-family car three a a multiple person car but you'd have to take a lot more trips there'd be a lot more driving involve.

But They'D All Be !

But they'd all be free so why not enjoy itso i think the model 3 wins on number of seats but the aptera definitely wins on price and fuel efficiency afterwards because you can't beat free charge right no matter what you do you can't. I mean just okay yeah tesla gives you like an amount of you know free charging depending on the model you get and stuff butthe artery you don't need to charge just charges itself and this is where this is where it needs to get to th. This is the stage that things really need to get to like this it needs to and if it looks like that in the dark i really really want one because that looks really cool it looks likea batmobile from the futureand i really like itso t.

Very Cool but Yeah ?

Very coolbut yeah look at the aerodynamics like i remember people used to go try and lower the car to get more aerodynamics and lower it to the ground but yeah you got these days you've got such a massive risk of damage just by lowe. Loweringwhy not just make the car the shape of aerodynamics to shape that wind air flows around more smoothly and causes less drag like they've done here and it looks it looks stunning look at thatso yeah winds on price point wins o. Fuel efficiency times three but the model three wins on seating times three like it's got three extra seats compared to this um boot space i would say that the aptera's got more boots best than the model 3.trust me when you see.

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