Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Aptera Testing New Prototypes on Drag Strips?


So I just found out app Tara actually use sa drag strip to check and test these prototypes and I didn't actually know this because I thought they were just tested in like a warehouse and maybe you know like the warehouse you know the. Production warehouses car park for example which is generally quite big but in this case it seems to be that after has actually been using a drag strip proper one two tests the prototypes and that is crucially important for many rea. Um mainly because standard vehicles are normally tested on on this type of straight drag strips as you can call them but uh app Terror the reason why it's important is because it really shows oh it's much clearer in terms of asses.

Assessing Core Functions !

Assessing core functions of um the battery life and cycles for example you could check life cycles and compare them to Urban driving for example it would give you a good test for like highway or Motorway driving compared to Urban dr. Where there's a lot of twists and turns starts and stops it would also give you a quick indication of Rapid energy usage for example how many Seas the the battery is pulling when under intense load so there's quite a lot of a lot of. Of um information that can be gathered from a straight run so I thought this test was quite interesting um and very important for the the development of the vehicles and the prototypes so I think that's uh obviously a good find of i.

Information to know that Arturo's actually doing tests like this on their vehicles because I wasn't sure how they were being tested because you know you could you could just put them on like a uh a machine to test which you should a. Do but I think it's better to do a multiple types of tests because there's no reason why these vehicles couldn't end up into actual drag racing because of the amount of you know because drag drag racing is all about speed and um rap. Rapid talk and you know um basically 0 to 60 and all zero to 100 in how many seconds now we've seen motorbikes you know achieve like zero to 60 in like two seconds three seconds or something some ridiculously fast right So that obvi.

Like shows that these vehicles can also you know when when they're not restricted for a normal Road use that is you'd have to unrestrict them and let more power out in a in a safe fashion so you're not pulling too much out of the ba. Batteries but when they're not restricted on a drag strip then they could they could like make some pretty good drag races I'm sure but um I'm not sure about the twisty well they could you know given that obviously this type of testi. They could also end up in like I don't know normal races you know EV races and stuff which I'm sure I'm pretty sure they will do they might I don't know if they're going to need their own category or not but I'm pretty sure they will.


EV charging hits £1 per KWH?

Like is this news crazy or what it's just been flowing around the eevee industry and at first i thought okay when i saw it i was like okay this is probably just something you know one of those things that just happened but then i was. Like hang on a second with the current price of electricity like going up by 50 percent in the uk and like it's gone up elsewhere as well because the cost of energy has gone on the price of one kilowattto charge your electric vehicle. Reached a an iowa train one pound per kilowatt hour now if you've got like alet's say 62 64 kilowatt battery right let's say you've got a list of leaf for example and you've got a 64 kilowatt battery or something like that that's 65.

Pounds Because Obviously !

Pounds because obviously there's charging loss as well and transfer of um electrons so let's round it up to 65 quid right because it's not going to cost 64 quid because the power to charge also incurs a a loss of electricity so tall. Up equal equilateral equilaterally i've not used that word a long timethere is going to be a charge of about 65 pounds to charge an electric vehicle do you know something that is the same as or more thanpetrol and dieselat the momen. Is anyway that is extortionate amounts for an electric vehicle that's extortionate amounts but it's only for the moment hopefully obviously whilst energy costs are high and things like that because you know it's justone of those pro.

Problems that's happening due to other problems happening due to situations around the world plus a recession coming in plus we got an energy crisis plus we got inflation going on so there's quite a lot of things happening that caus. Problems like this to incurbut for now ev charging will cost around about a pound perkilowatt so i mean why why at the moment does it make sense even to still buy an electric vehicle wellif you got your own battery storage it still. Does yeah because then you're you you're technically your own power company are you you're supplying yourselfnow you're still the factor still is is if you've got your own wind turbine maybe and you've got a small patch of farm or s.

Something then you might be finebutif you haven't and your standard residential person you know back-to-back houses or flats or whatnot then evs are quite difficult now to charge at the moment with these prices but i don't know if t. Going to be any government subsidy for electrical costs for evs but i think if if you're charging your vehicle at home i don't know about ev charges that's the thing that charging spots on what their price is what's going to happen. With their prices um because i'm sure the government will probably have to add another 10 20 billion just for them but that might come come under you know just like business support and stuff um for the actual ev charges but the one.

Ones You'Ve Got At ?

Ones you've got at home will run through your own electricity bills anyway so that would factor in under the loan scheme that the government's taking out um to uh pay your bills with loans the government loans obviously so you have. To take them out so in terms of that the price won't be too much higher so to speak but that's just the way we'll have to stay i'll have to see how it goes and see where it goes from here hopefully things get resolved make sure you. Like share subscribe and see you in the next video.

Aptera nearly 25000 pre-orders?


Okay so I went and actually found out this information that was quite crucial pre-orders before productionum for the aptara vehicle Electric vehicleI wanted to find out if abtera could reach the 50 000 to a hundred thousand orders or. Sales of his vehicle and a positive gauge or a strong gauge to the value of about one to four one to three up to the power of one to three um is normallypre-orders so what if I'm looking for app Terror to be able to fulfillor be abl. To sell or I forget fulfillment because as always issues with that at the moment um in different areas from different sites but if I'm looking for app Terror to sell 100 000 units then I'd be looking for anywhere about 100 000 units.

Within The First Two !

Within the first two years right maybe quicker than that but maybe even in the first yearif I'm looking for them to do that I would be looking for a roundfigure of pre-orders to the tune of about twenty to thirty thousandnow that ma. Pre-orders would give me confidence that avataro would be able to sell more than a hundred thousand units during the first round of Productions in the first few quarters right maybe like start the second year into doesn't matter bec. It's still it's Rocky Waters right generally speakingbut I think it's important for our tour to be able to sell the first hundred thousand units because thus generally the first move was in the market generally the people that are g.

Are going to have an app Terror that's gonna you know do their reviews on it and you know give their feedback on it and Tara will get more usage feedback you know real world feedback from just different kinds of people with differen. Opinions and that's what Arturo really needs to develop they're offering further and a further stabilize themselves in the market of EVS because obviously they've got they've got a unique vehicle that has got very unique looks looks. Wise it looks like a Supercar right in his home it's all right very unique looks very unique offering and the range you just well you can't compete with the range that's the thing I just wish somehow they'd turn this vehicle into a.

Four-seaterif they can I meanI'm a buyer if they can turn this car into a fall if they can make a four-seater prototype rather than just a two-seater that's it that's that's me sold like fully um if they make this vehicle a four-sea. With a boot I am sold that's me in rightso yeah it's um one of those things so that actually might be an idea for another video and a prototype and I think I don't know I might I might like do some drawings to maybe like give an ide. Idea of a prototype maybe it can be done maybe a car obviously because there's more way it will have slightly less range so it might drop down to like 700 or 800 mile range which is fine 800 mile range is fine I'll take it if I can.

Two More Peopleso ?

Two more peopleso that's an idea actually if Altera could work on that that would be excellent as a prototype modelbut back to the point of the videoapp Terror has actually in fact from the last figures I saw they've got just under. 25 000 pre-orders in already waiting so that makes good tune forthe futurethere will be more pre-orders happening and production will go in I need to still find out if they've secured the 50 million I don't know if any of you guys k. Know make sure you leave a comment uh let me know if they've secured the investment I'm still trying to find outum make sure you like share subscribe hope you enjoyed the video see you in the next one.


Aptera Gamma New Prototype?


Hello people so today'scoverage isabout aptera's new gamma vehicle the gamma version of aptera now this vehicle has been steadily awaited and other versions may be on the way or on the horizon so to speak but the gamma version has some. Interesting features and i believe that this is still the prototype of the gamma aptera electric vehicle because it has um [Music] it's not the finished model because it was just a show of what's to come really soagain i think a lot. Of their vehicles are prototype versions but obviously this one is based on having different features and they are fairly different i mean if you look at the solar panel array that has changed from six and they might offer an extern.

An Additional One !

Um additional one whereasi've heard things about entering the vehicle and how you just need to justknock on the door which is quite cool um i would say that that is quite an innovative feature because you don't see many vehicles or. Or any other vehicles really um where you can just knock on the door and the doors open and i believe it's the same with the boot as well which which is quite interesting just knock on them and open open the doors like um entering y. House you know like someone lets you into your into into a house or something or through a normal door what do you do with the normal though you go to walk up to a normal door and you knock on it and someone lets you in and that's w.

Whereyou know you get access now your car wants to let you in the only thing i would say is how do you know who's knockingthat's the interesting one but obviously you know i'm sure there'll be some fingerprint unlocks or mobile phon. Attachment unlocks or something like that going on in the future but for the moment the gamma version looks to be quite a feature rich and unique model of the aptera 3s andit seems to be that aptera is going to continue making other. Models because i remember when i did the um first video style update of what was going on with aptera and the prototypes they had quite a few they had about three then and i don't know i don't think the gamma was mentioned then but.

They had quite a few different versions different suspension types balancing speeds one with solar panels built in one without you know self-charging and all that um they had all of this stuff built in but i wasn't sure whether they. Wouldyou know coming to actual production models or not but now i do know that you knowapp terrace is building quite an offering of different model types and so they should because they should have you know an offering where the fea. Of the vehicles are and technicalities are different from one another and then they can assess what the consumer demand is for which feature because some features when you're building an innovative company the customers sometimes th.

The Customer Base ?

The customer base do not know from feedback or their own ideas what they're going to enjoy the most so it's best to just build it and let them decide after they use it and this is it's a slightly risky model but it can work sometime. Really well for innovative companies like arturo's so i think yeah build the prototypes let the customers use it and let the the market decide which features are the most and which technical features are the most popular it's a grea. Business model for a company like captain um i hope you enjoyed the video i shall see you in the next one make sure you like share subscribe see you later.


Aptera needs $50 million investment?


So in this video i want to discuss an interesting uh piece of news that i found um for ab terror and it's you know obviously it concerned me a little because i was like okay is troubling times in the [Music]innovation and alternative. Energy space at the moment generally just with everything that's going on it's supply chains with umall sorts of things so there seems to be something happeningwith investments as well soumand when this story came round it was sligh. Worrying because i was like okay this isn't working out becausethey're still looking for like 50 million rightwhereas i i'm not sure if in my previous videos i was saying something like you know they were ready to produce and manufa.

And Things Like That !

And things like that i'm sure they'll they'll end up getting the investment that they're looking for because obviously the vehicledoes what it says on the tin so you knowneeds to be said that the vehicle is is ready for um a broader. Broader spectrum and come out to the upper market but to say that aptera still needs 50 million dollars for production hopefully they get that sooner rather than later because we're still running towards recessions or investors may. To pull back or pull off but then again you may get other investors that are still looking for opportunities and you know in in the medium level um investmentchains let's just say or investment platforms not platforms what we're try.

Trying to say the 50 million dollars investment required as an investment level for mid-level investment you know firms or investors is not a lot so for some that are looking for opportunities through the recession this might be the. Opportunity that they they are looking for and actually want to double down on so after my might get the investment umbut we would have tosee how it breaks down soin terms of the vehicle i know that they've released a new version of. Vehicle as well i'm going to make a video about that later on um but reallyit's about umsecuring this investment or whether they're going to be able to i think it's a timing thing i think they should should secure it as quickly as p.

And thenget to production as quickly as possible you know and then after after they've reached that stage i think that they can worry about whether there's market demand or what the economy is like afterwards because you know they'r. They're not they're not going to be mass market straight away so they can scale back production and you know just hold cash for a bit until markets recover and stuff like that and i'm thinking that this vehicle is so niche at the mo. When it kicks off i mean up to the first hundred two hundred thousand vehicles would be niche niche customer based anyway so you know for individuals that's you know the the first movers on electric vehicles and things like that it'.

It'Ll All Just Be ?

It'll all just be those and that's proven with the tesla truck you know quarter of a million orders so that's what i think this will be the first first order of this vehicle will be like first movers um in the alternative energies o. In the electric vehicles space so i don't think they've got anything to worry about i think they'll fulfill all the orders they'll get all the orders in for the vehicles because there's enough of a first mover market there that just. Needs to find out about this vehicle and they'll say they'll just buy one anyway um [Music] so yeah i'm uh going to keep tracking this story because we need to know if that investment's coming in and we'll see how it does hope you e.


Aptera prototype 70mph speed test & wheel hub motors


Make sure you like share subscribe this is an art electric car update this is the latest content information that i could find on the aptera and it also goes through quite a run-through of the different absurd vehicles that are available. And and some information in here um is the most up-to-date in terms of actual footage as well so of the aptera electric car the one that does 101 000 miles per charge and as long as you drive about less than 35 miles a day you may n. Not even need to charge it again let's get into the content welcome make sure you subscribe if you haven't alreadyso here it goes like this this color i've not seen before there's quite a few colors in this video that i haven't seen.

Beforethis Color Is !

Beforethis color is pretty slick to be honest i need to turn on this so that we're kind of getting what's going on so that's a prototype versionnoisy said riding for those of the nice solar powered electric vehicle motor cycleso obv. They're going100 watt hours per mileyeah this guy just you can use the vehicle i'm just gonnatell you that you can use the up terra vehicle to work on back because this guy's been testing it for cnet and the cnet reporter has mentio. Mentioned that you know you can travel to work and back and because it's within that 30 40 mile commute you don't even use any of the energy you don't even use any of the fuel in the car i call it fuel for now because the guy called.

It fuel but you know you don't even touch the battery because it's all done on solar recharge that entire trip i don't know how far his trip was maybe it's 10 20 miles like thatbut it was done on solar recharge so he didn't even tou. Or consume any of the battery's energy which is fantasticand they talked about the drug resistance ratios and reduction which obviously comes into the body shape and aerodynamicsand we're going in through the ab terror engineers the. Going through how far down they've got the watt hours per mile and the aerodynamics again and the prototypes that they've got going on in black and white and this is this is the most interesting better prototypegoing up to i think t.

This one suspension demonstrationit's a prototype with the wheels it's got no body on it this up terra it's quite green and it goes up to 70 miles per hour this prototype does and i'm certain this is the one with the wheel hub motor. That i mentioned to a mechanical engineer once back in the past and that mechanical engineer didn't agree with me i said you know what it's about in hub we all have more the future because it's it's just they're just the most effici. They an app terror is proving that because they're making them they've got them on the most efficient solar commercially viable solar vehicle in the world and and they're in hub they wheel home mars there you go the motor stays stil.

Still Exactly Opposite ?

Still exactly opposite you can have much more crushable space propulsion advantages enhances safety because obviously weight distributionso yeah obviously they've got all the computers and stuff to work all this out i had to work ou. Out in my head but there we go turned out to be rightsurprising amount of trunk space this is interesting look at the size of the trunk it is a massive and they actually turned this was the tent they were talking about on a position. This was the actual tent they were talking about rightthey showed that there's you can actually camp in the app terror and that is a snapshot of the tent that you can basically fasten on to the boot of the aptera and it becomes bit.

Basically a two or three man tent quite easily with the boot door open it's fantastic what an excellent ideaat that plenty of roomthere you can sleep in there saying it's got six seven four spacewhich is excellent so i don't know wh. I think is it got threethey're taking pre-orders they got 26 000 orders right now for the aptera i'm hoping to build many thousands of vehicles in 2023 so they can continue producing in 2023 and they've also scaled up the facility a. As you can see is quite big for 20 000 vehicles a year they can pump out there which is excellent to know because obviously that will add to the baseline figures and make the company bigger which is what we wantyou get the full extr.

Solar package you get 40 40 miles a day free chargeoff the self-charging solar car that was a great video hope you all enjoyed the update uh let me know what you think in the comments or the updates that you hopefully got to see if. You haven't already seen them or even if you have you got to see them in action you know some of the prototype models as well which are quite interesting and the first potentially look at those uh we all have mars at the front two w. And what they're doing and what up terror the company has calculated and considered and you know done their engineering tests and stress tests and things like that umin regards to especially what was what was quite interesting is this is the latest edition from aptera.


Cheapest Nissan Leaf £6k?


So we're gonna take a look at some used electric vehicles in a new series that i'm doing i don't know how long the series is gonna go we're probably gonna start off in the uk and us and probably like expand to other countries and just. See what prices of used electric cars are around the world just because i feel like that'll be an interesting topic from some feedback that i've had i feel like people want to know that so we're going to start with one that i know p. Well the nissan leaf here in the ukso one of the popularwebsitesif i can find it usedso look nissan also sells used cars but i'm gonna go with this site because it just gives me a very genericoverviewof these carsnow it seems as tho.

Thoughthere'S Not !

Thoughthere's not manyusually with nissan least there's always around five six hundred of them available in the uk any one time because initially they just sold like six hundred and something in the first batch so we're gonna go wit. The cheapest obviously because that's what we really want to look intoso just have a looki don't know what's happened there i do not want to go through thislet's try the other oneokay i'll be right back okay i think i've got it work. Now i had to do a manual search but i went up to like a total of 8k just to see what's available so we're just going to run through some of them and seewhat you get for your moneyso we'll look into this one firsti've got it set by r.

By relevance but let's find the cheapest one first actually zoom for six grandi used to see them cheaper than that by the way what's going on here that's gone too far i think so yeah let's look at the six grand cheapest one first here. We go nice and white not my super favorite color but let's have a look it'sit's got pretty low mileage actually so look at that which is quite appealing because it's rare to see something on that's 10 years old and has only got 34 000. Miles on it five dollar five seats usual it's gonna mlt he's got seems like he's got a full year's road test passed battery does 100 miles full charge is eight hours looks good it just it does actually look very good especially if you.

Can still get that ranger they might still be able to still achieve that range purely because of the low mileage because it's only done 34 000 miles if this car had done i don't know let's say double that which double or triple that. Is what i'm usually expecting when i see a 2010 2012 vehicle so this is quite a pic so look at some of the pictures so this nissan leaf the interior seems to be quite good clean standard back seats you can see it could be probably been. Used as a family car that's why it's been just probably school runs or something short run something like that that doesn't look like it's any damage it looks as though it's umneither cleaner might have some scripts i think yeah it.

Looks Like Paint Scripts ?

Looks like paint scripts actually that's good so let's let's know exactly what's up with it yeah other than that it looks like a very decent vehicle i don't think that would be too probably a few hundred pounds maybe more to get that. Fixed i'm just like neatened up done properly but yeah as you can see okay so the actual full charge mileage remaining on the vehicle is 77 miles we call it 80 miles okay so it's dropped by about 20 25 which is expected which is why i. Was a bit like shocked to see the 410 run then i said 100 immediately it took 10 miles off straight away yeah look at this right here is what it says a hundred and ten miles pretty much 109 miles but after looking at the actual vehi.

Charge 100it does have a 77 mile range so that is more kind of in line with what i'd expect on a vehicle that's done about 30 40 000 miles so that's quite quite adequate um so yeah overall i think the price on these vehicles is incr. By or has increased it may drop after a bit but um so far nissan leafs have held their price quite well and this is obviously the cheapest let's go have a look at another one another look at one see if there's one with a bigger batter. Battery i don't think there will be40 oh no that's not the it's not within our price range that's an ad or something so this one's done even less miles let's have a look at this same size battery can't really find anything under 8 gr.

For a 40 kilowatt battery i think i'll probably be in the 10k range nowas you can see there is this vehicle available as well nissan leaf 2011 24 kilowatt battery24kw h and it also has a solar panel spoilerso let's have a look at thi. This it doesn't seem to show what the remaining charges on the vehicle let's just try and find that outnope we're not getting remaining miles on the vehicle but i'm presuming it's going to be around about the 80 mark i wanted to see. And compare because this is obviously a year older but yeah that just i would safely say that at 28 000 miles which is quite low as well actually from this unleash and that's 2011. This is obviously one of the first releases in the UK.


Why the Nissan Leaf?

I wanted to make a video about a car that i've been following for quite a number of years now make sure you like share subscribe if you're new to the channel we talk about electric hybrid and fuel efficient cars on this channel the nissan. Leaf is a vehicle an electric vehicle that i think since 2011 has as well as tesla see everyone talks about tesla being like the pioneers of the electrical vehicle industry but evs were going on long before that right okay we got li. Lithium batteries going in you know range dynamics and improvements and all that stuff but along side the model s the model x things like that there was also the nissan leaf and it was selling if not the most the second most depending o.

The Year Number Of !

The year number of electric vehicles in the past two decades so you can't really ignore it because it's very very important the electrical vehicle electric vehicles based in terms of a wider market adoption and people like enjoying mo. Electric cars the nissan leaf since 2011 has been selling almost in worldwide in many many different countries it's widely used and adopted i've seen reviews on it the decade-long reviews like you know people who have won the vehicle. For more than 10 years doing a review after 10 years and saying you know what it's still going and there's only a handful of things that they had to repair on it it's a solid running carlike there's solid running cars out there that.

You just don't need to repair that after because they're well well known for being economical and and good so to speak so the nissan leaf is also good for another thing and i was looking at this in a different industry liquidations i. Industry right but it's the same and that's for like you know used toys clothes electricals but that industry also exists in the used car market so for used vehicles used cars the nissan leaf especially use electric cars most of the. Used electric cars i'll nissan leafs from 2010 to 2015 at least most of them are going to be nissan leafs there'll be a few teslas in there there'll be a few other ones most of those are nissan leafs and people still buy those vehic.

Today people still buya nissan leaf that is 15 years old 14 years old well at the moment they stand to be about 13 years old but people will still buy that people will still buy that vehicle even when it's 20 years old and there's o. Only 50 miles of range in itpeople will still buy iteven with 50 miles of range because it's slightly bigger it's got it's more spacious it's more you know accessible in terms of charging points and things like thatso it makesa real. Good basis for electric vehicles and hybrids as welland that's how the nissan leaf has helped to push and promote and expand the electrical the electric vehicle marketnow in terms ofthere beinganother vehicle that's done similarly t.

There Just Basically ?

There just basically isn't there is not another vehicle that has done similarly to that this is the only vehicle at that price range because the tesla's came out a lot more expensive they're like sixty thousand dollars seventy thousand. Dollars this was like thirty forty thousand dollars and even now you can pick up a nissan leaf like a under 40 kilowatt around 40 kilowatt battery up to 200 miles range for about 27 000which is very very economical to say the least so. You can also get upgraded batteries more range like you can get the 40 kilowatt it started off as like a 32 kilowatt as well back in the day but now you can get like increased mileage up to 300 350 miles things like that like ample.

Mileage but they are more expensive so but in terms of the vehicle being very very important for the used car market i mean for example you could pick up a 2011 to 2012 nissan leaf on the market at the moment for about the seven five. To seven thousand pounds mark and it will still get you 50 to 70 miles of range which is not bad unless you really need 100 miles a day of range but for a local commuter local vehicle someone that doesn't go more than 10 20 30 miles. At a time it's excellent like you don't need more than that but someone who goes further it becomes more difficul to obviously but the new ones yeah you get ample mileage and range on those so it's overall an excellent vehicle hopefully.


GM Wuling EV VS Fiat 500 Electric ?


Welcome to this video which is a comparison of the gm wuling versus the fia500e if you're new to this channel this is a channel that is based on electric and hybrid cars as well as highly efficient petrol diesel vehicles and today we're. Going to discuss this comparison if you haven't already please make sure you like share and subscribe or if you're on the website also leave a comment and sign up to the email list so this is a very interesting comparison to me beca. I see both these vehicles are similarly shaped and if you look at the fiat 500 compared to the gm ruling which is obviously not available in the uk us and stuff like that the gm rulings they're still like in china predominantly but t.

They'Re Selling Very !

They're selling very well over there from why here there is something similar that's been released in europe that even a 14 year old can drive without requiring a license so there's something still yet to be seen but or to be review. I'll be reviewing that later on as well compared to other cars but i think this review is important because overall the fear 500 from the small ev cars it seems to be especially in in the european side of things the front runner from. From those vehicles i mean you've got a vehicles like the you know the iconic fully electric you've got the nissan leaf you've got the golf 53 you've got the bone you've got you know you've got other electric vehicles right but i'm.

About the smallest ones right seems to be the front runner but the gm wooling is very unique and what i think makes it unique is range versus price right which we're gonna get into let's go through the all the standard stuff right sof. So first of all we're going seating seating you've got your standard obviously three doors both of the fiat 500 and the jail in the three doors right you've got two seats at the front and you've got potentially two to three seats at t. The back right depending on size and space you've got small boots usual with these size vehicles and you know i've got a petrol vehicle at this size so same thing really so the next thing that comes in is obviously looks looks wise i.

Want to give them a draw by the way let's finish off the last bit seating y space wise i want to call them even though one's got slightly more than the other i'm gonna call it a draw on that thing because i've never given any vehicl. Or draw on anything next we're gonna go into looks okay and looks wise i prefer and again maybe this is just a personal thing but i do prefer the boxy look a bit more than the fiat 500 so the looks i am gonna give i think that is a fa. Looking car for the price that is we're gonna get on to price but you're gonna hear me mention it again before we do because it was just amazing to be honest so i'm gonna go with the gm ruling that wins unlocks okay what else do we.

Do We Like To Discuss ?

Do we like to discuss glad to discuss seating looks range and then we'll come on to price last right so obviously you've got the fiat 500e first of all that you can get like between 160 to 200 mile range which is fairly good for that. Size of vehicle anything that gets over 150 150 i think is like the minimum at the moment that you need an electric vehicle to have it's going to get you to a majority of places unless you've got a long commute every day or every wee. That is you know it's gonna get you to a majority of places that you want to go on to from so it's you know there's some ranges that i saw that said the fear 500 eu was 199 miles that's gonna cover you mostly you know you can get as.

Far as in the uk anyway you get pretty far with that right you need to charge a few times if you're traveling across europe obviously but you know you see why when it comes to gm ruling however this is designed to bea city car so yo. Talking you know you're not going to be commuting more than [Music] 40 miles with this 50 miles generally right and you can stay well within that range because this has got 100 miles on it so i'm talking i'm talking here from the pe. Perspective of that you don't need to charge the vehicle before you get to and from where you were going right so you go you commute to where you were going and you come back and you leave the car on charge at night when it's cheape.

Off-peak and you know just a standard way of using the vehicle you don't need to worry about charging it'll work or where you're when you are business place or when you're out things like that no extra charge you know and stuff you. Know on on a daily basis like on a regular basis like i'm just considering regular use of the mine because i think that's where you know cars and vehicles are the most important to consider things that are in regular use daily use th. That's the most important thing for these videos and these comparisons especially they're they're the consumers that i want to consider and think about what are they doing every day with the vehicle so yeah 50 miles either way and yo.

Charge The Car At !

Charge the car at home right which i pretty much think you could do in any city unless the city is more than 50 miles across right then you have to like make a response but i think you can pretty much do that so it's just a vehicle it. Got a fantastic range for what the vehicle is meant for and the price and it can be used as a very very small small family car for example you know if there's like two adults or two kids for example even three kids maybe you know it. It is still a very very good vehicle for that purpose now i would say that the fear 500 200 mile range obviously yeah you can go up to 100 miles i'm back oh i'd say about 80 miles i'm back so you call it you know 180 miles which i would.

Is Very Decent But ?

Is very decent but next we're gonna move on tothe price difference so the fiat 500 e get ready for this you can get if you do well for around about 27 000 pounds maybe twenty six thousand sometimes whereas the gm wuling is 3 000 poundsy. She heard that right the gm ruling is almost 10 times cheaper than the fiat 500 but you still get half of the range pretty shocking if you ask me so i think based on range and price or range and price value for money including range eve. Even though the fiat 500 is double i think the gm ruling has just scooped both those categories like hands down make sure you like share subscribe and i hope you enjoyed this video and uh make sure you leave a comment below let me See.


Fiat 500 Electric VS Honda E ?


Welcome make sure you like share subscribe in this video we're gonna discuss the fiat 500 versus the honda e so without further ado let's just get straight into it these two vehicles could be classed as small evs okay at the momentin. Like the uk europe these are around about the smallest you can get there is a 6 000 euro one in europe that even 14 year olds can drive but isn't in the uk yet already would like that but these two are generally the average priced s. Evs that you can get in and around the uk sobased on thatthey come in uhi still think high prices but everyone else would say that they're reasonably priced but i think these these types of vehicles should be around the 10 grand mar.

Mark Like Uh 10 To !

Mark like uh 10 to 12 000 but they're actually like 20 the fiat 500 is the cheaper one at 28 900 something like that oh sorry 27 000 and the honda e is about the 29 to 31 000 pounds price range so that's obviouslyquite expensive i w. Would say but others would state that this is quite good value for money so i suppose you still get your four seats five seats depending on the size of people even though they're like most of them are three-door uh vehicles you know. This this small right they're supposed to be small cities city cars right range-wise i believe that the fear 500 and the honda er fairly similar you know you'll get 20-30 miles range difference and you can maybe in the future select.

Higher range batteries and things like that but you know you'll get your standard 140 to 200 mile range from these vehicles right which is you know around about the acceptable range at the moment for electric vehicles but in terms o. And how it feeli believe that the fiat 500 wins out on feel driving feel because if it will feel like a fear and i know from driving fears that they are very comfortable to drive hondas are as well but i have not heard good things a. Things about the holidayin terms of his driving capability soi'm not going to score it as a win on driving capability but if we go on to then looksi don't know i thinkit depends what kind of look that you you like i think it's perso.

With these these two vehicles i think it comes down to personal choice they both obviously look modern and stuff up-to-date kind of thing slightly futuristic but with the lightsi would say that the fear 500 is not my preference this. This is personal this has to get personal now to make this choice between them looks wise i prefer the honda e i don't know it's got that type of boxy you know boy racer style lock whereas the fiat 500 to melooks likea micro right n. Nothing wrong with the mic by the way the new micros are really nice lookingbut to me the fiat 500 looks a bit like a micro but what i still personally drive one yeah i would in fact i've got a car that that has a similar shape to t.

P500 At The Moment ?

P500 at the moment i don't have a car that looks like the honda eso maybe i do really secretly like the fiat 500 looks like that i don't know i don't know but i'm gonna go with the honda e because we've got to give the hyundai somet. Because it's good that there's more evs out there soi would say that's that in terms of seating now it looks to be likestorage and seating capacity the honda e is going to win it againsothat's that but overall i would say the most i. Important things here uh price and range and i think overall value for moneythe best car has to be here at 500 because it's not a bad looking car at all right the honda is only slightly better looking just because it looks a bit dif.


Aptera Raises $40 million, opens factory, in wheel motors?


Welcome make sure you like share subscribe in this video I wanted to discuss some of the latest news that's been happening the past few weeks and months without Terra and just to keep everyone updated on what's Happening and where the. Company has progressed to so far as well as a car so first title in we can see straight away we've got the upterra picks Eve energy is battery cells applier for a solar EV obviously the reason why this this is important right now is. Because there's quite a bit of um indifference going on with Supply chains at the moment and even Tesla was struggling not so long ago with its Supply chains in terms of batteries and things like that so securing a contract at this.

Point In Time That !

Point in time that can be delivered on um sequentially for the next three to five years is is quite crucial which altara seems to have done which will be good for the future also there it's got a second agreement in place so I'll pr. Be a back up one serial production our Tara wants to adopt a Tesla charge connector now this is interesting becauseI think maybe they're going that route because it's more widely adoptedthat's uh yeah because there's more charges ou. Out there and maybe it's umhow they want to go about things I think I think it would be a lot better obviously if there was just like a universal connector that you can just use or if not at least like um sub connectors or extension.

That you can use that you can just put on the front of the connector of a different vehicle to make it match you know but otherwise it should be fairly Universal I think would be the best way to go forward with this type of thing be. Because if you think about a petrol station right you select which type of fuel you want but the nozzle for every vehicle is the same right with car charging it should just be do you want fast charge do you want are you okay with st. Charge or do you want there should only really be the two options I think fast charge or hyper charge if you want should be the quickest they've raised 40 million dollarsfor to ramp up production for later this year and this is all.

All coming from guys like there's a lot of updates happening at the moment and the money's being raised because there is higher demand for especially cheap electric vehicles like these cut these vehicles will sell there's already qu. A few owners who are very happy with them and even some of you that have commented on the channel you know and let me know that you guys are proud owners of the app Tower um which I'm I'm very very happy and glad to see um and I app. Appreciate all of you thank you for subscribing and commenting and everything um but it's great to see that you know people are buying this vehicle they're enjoying it they're keeping it for you know for forever really for like for.

Ages You Know And ?

Ages you know and um that there's a huge demand increase for itsee now this one this update this uh our Terror orders in wheel Motors from a laugh laugh we'll just call it electro. Com no it's from a life actually electro. Com is wher. The where the news update was from in-wheel Motors right I was speaking to um a few mechanical engineers a few years ago and I said to them do you know what the best type of power drive train for an electric vehicle is an in-wheel m. And they were saying to me oh no it's uh is is there has to be you know talk driven through a you know an engine style setup or motor to power gaseous ratios and all that I have like no it doesn't no it does not it does not need to.

To be that way it needs to be in wheel Hub Motorsthat's what electric cars need to be they don't need to be engine filled and mounted and all these freaking 10 million parts and all this and that there just needs to be a battery two. To four hub wheel engine Motors the motors are inside the wheels themselves and that is it something goes wrong with the motor you repress the wheel that's it nice and simple the power drive is direct to the wheels themselvesI can't. See what the complications are like you're not unless you're building a high performance vehicle I don't know why that that isn't the case but yeah that's the same again thousand miles rangeso they've got a factory obviously with th.

Money that they've raised as a factory now where they can Mass produce the up Terrors I wonder if they listed on the stock exchange I do want to invest because it'd be a good time to invest in them right now um 26k solar car has a f. Factory and we'll roll out this year there we go and we can see I want to get this picture in of um from free think see if I can see it anywhere but you can see it there in in the right hand side another video they've got all the sh. Being produced there they look like they're being driven on my little electric robots actually to be honest which is quite fun but yeah so that's all the updates make sure you like share subscribe I shall see you in the next video s.


Tesla Roadster VS Aptera?


As promised in this video we are going to discuss the ab terror versus the tesla roadster i thinkseeing as though they're getting some form of popularity at the moment these comparison videos i'm making i thought the best comparison. Actually be especially with tesla's range on offering with the tesla roadster becauseit is the most like for like i would say comparison to the altera car i believe it to be a car by the way some that would disagree with me and say. Say it's the motorbike but i would say no it's not a motorbike it is a car um it has two doors two seats in a cabin it's got two front wheels doesn't matter if you've got one back wheel it's a car it has a boot as well right an actu.

Boot You Know So Anyway !

Boot you know so anyway going off topic there a second so i'm not going to be making a comparison video of the aptera versus some type of motorcycle although there might be some versions of the aptera with like other electric versio. Or you know comparisons with motorcycles but his primary focus is to be a vehicle type of a car right which is why it's shaped the way it is motorcycles are not enclosed they are not covered they are not you know like have doors on. On them and stuff for you to get in and out of and secure and your boots and all that type of stuff yeah so don't call it a motorcycle i'm sorry i don't agree with that i'm sure i'm gonna get plenty of comments about this but there.

Go okay on to the comparisonthe tesla roadster first of all let's discuss price because this is this was the flagship car for tesla that launched tesla from nothing to an actual electrical car maker so it's quite an important vehicl. For tesla right so they are obviously coming out and this this image that i'm showing you is like kind of what the latest design might look like of the rules so as you can see it's more like the model lines fits in with them quite a. A lot um in terms of design nowversus the up terra obviously the altera still looks com in comparison to design although this looks quite sleek and you know like like a porsche or like uh going along the lines of a ferrari's type of.

Style itit's not as futuristic as the aptera the aptera still beats it i believe looking at the visuals i believe this this design is timely but the altera design is more still more futuristic it still looks futuristic i can i belie. I'll probably be saying that in five years ten years it'll still look futuristic because most cars will still stay along these like boxy tinder lines butwe'll see but in terms of design more futuristic umdefinitely the aptera wins i. It there now the next big question and i was quite slightly surprised with this and i feel it makes the competition a lot more intense when comparing these two vehicles as opposed to the model 3 of the model s where you know the ran.

Isn'T That Much It'S ?

Isn't that much it's like 200 to 350 miles let's just saybut with the roadster you're instantly talking 600 miles 620 miles 650 miles range and when you compare that to the upterra 1000 miles range that's when the competition gets t. Tighter and more intense because obviously the range increase of the roadster and this is a major reason why i wanted to compare the two because i knew that this the roadster was a lighter vehicle and more of its way is along not th. Actual bodywork and the seating or the interiors and fixtures it's more along the lines of making it lightweight and more of the weight is towards the actual battery capacity so which is obviously improved over time as well so we're.

Talking about you know the recent or the most recent model right it tells the world stuff not the past ones you know we're always talking about the newest latest iterations right so when we compare that and we compare the 600 on som. Range with the 1000 mile range that's where it's you know you can say that the competition is more intense i would say i would say if you're looking for something with long range and and you don't mind it being a two-seateri wouldn'. Wouldn't see [Music] obviously if you because they're both two seaters right unless the tesla's going to bring out one of the roadsters with like extra space in the back because it does look like it's got some windows at the back fo.

Some purpose so it might be a falsie i'm not sure butif it's a four seater then obviously it's one on seating but range wise the aptera still wins because it's got a longer range and it's got that recharge capability on that range b. You can be driving out long enough for it to even recharge with a thousand mile range that's the thing it just whereas the roadster even if it did have recharge capability i'm not talking about re regenerative braking here i'm talki. Talking about panels right so solar powered recharging i'm talking about no regen even if it did have that it's only got 600 miles to run for it to recharge and it's only got similar amounts of headroom headroom i say i mean what i.

Mean By Headroom Is !

Mean by headroom is space for solar panels to fit on the top of the vehicle or around the vehicle for it to catch enough sun and convert that to electricity each other batteries whereas the aptera again wins on road time so i will c. Recharging it's the mixed comparison the with these two because i'm comparing range but also i'm comparing recharge capability if the roadster didn't have it they tell the roadster the aptera would win simply and purely because it's. It's still got similar surface area four solar panels to a standard sized vehicle anyway and also it's got more range on the road by a factor of 30 something 30 30 or more than 30 percent for it to be out on the road drivingfor you.

To Be Able To Recharge ?

To be able to recharge i'm talking about use obviously yeah you can leave the vehicle parked up but i'm not talking about that type of usage i'm talking about constant usage so you're using the vehicle every day that's how i'm compa. Them i'm not comparing them you know like if you leave it parked up for a few days and you know the sudden it just recharged whilst it's packed up no i'm talking about constantly driving 20 30 40 miles a day how much recharge can yo. You get and how long can you carry on going forward with the app terror we know if you were driving that vehicle for 10 days you could probably carry on going for another three or four days just based on recharging from that 10 days. .

Whilst You Were Still ?

These Need To Be Added !


Aptera VS Tesla Model S ?


So aptera in this video we're gonna discuss more about terror and what's going on inside the company especially in the last few weeks and regards to money and finances and things like that and how which are very very closely linked to. How the company can go forth and potentially look at growing and development and you know improving and mainly getting more models out there and sold in a profitable manner because obviously the units have to sell some level of prof. For the company to carry on increasing as you can notice right before we get into the finances because i can talk a lot about finances because i'm a bit of an expert on that field but let's look at the car itself right look how uniq.

How Unique This Vehicle !

How unique this vehicle looks there's there's no car on the road like this no because it's a two seater um i'm reluctant to call it anything else than similar to a roadster obviously there's ample space in that boot at the back righ. I've seen two people lay down in that boot with the back right without tara and compared to something like the model srange wise look it beats it okay because i did a comparison to the model 3 but this is a comparison now to the mod. S right i'm also going to do a comparison to the roadster because i think that one will i'm not going to compare it to the model x because they're two completely different vehicles but i think you know with with these three with the.

The model 3 with the model s and the roadster i think they're very very similar comparisons and and like viable comparisons to be done so i'm going to compare those three so this one's a comparison to the model s right the model s a. You know you know came out before the model 3 quite popularbefore the model 3 it was the most popular vehicle that tesla produced and sold successfully andit is you know it's like a sedan it's a fairly big car it's not small quality. Build and stuff plenty of space it's got about 250 220 mile range this vehicle beats it on range hands down like no problem like and everyone as soon as anyone hears the range on this vehicle they just know it's like three to four t.

What tesla is they just know that straight away and then on top of that is his ample because by the time you get through that 1000 miles in the batteries you've probably charged up another 300 400 anyway so it is really like that be. Because it's like it says it can charge like 40 miles a day so you might have charged by the time you've driven a thousand miles you could quite easily charge three or four hundred on this vehicle the aptera sothere's no comparison. You know it price point wise this is more than half the price starting price on this on the aptera like you know under 30 000 for this near twenty five thousand dollars in fact for this and on the tesla model s you know you're talki.

Probably Seventy Thousand ?

Probably seventy thousand dollars starting now used to be about 60 i think soyou know it isless than half price for model s so again like with the mod tesla model 3 this isn't gonna get the points in the seating department or we kno. That right because obviously there's two seats and a massive boot right in this vehicle and that helps with you know things like the airflow design and things like that so you know i've had the ceo of arteris speak about how it redu. Wind drag around even around the sides because of this shape there's no side side wind drag at all on this vehicle because of the way that is shaped so and how it absorbs like uh wind gust lights with through the windshield because.

Of the way the windshield design and how they've had to make millimeter changes between the seats and stuff like that so a lot of work and engineering has gone into this and obviously they've been looking at impact models and and yo. You know computer edited software um models that show you what will work and what what and i know all this obviously from hearing what the ceo's been doing with the vehicle and obviously tesla's done quite much the same but they've. Gone mass market whereas this i i would say this is still slightly in i know a lot of you may not agree with me but i still think it's in roadster modei think it's you know preliminary vehicle coming out yes it has accomplished some.

Feats with its you know indefinite charging or self-charging just sayso compared to the model 3 and the model s which is what this video is turned into now comparison to the model s um the aptera just on rangeit just wins hands down. The only thing he's got on the tesla is seating and the styles are different the style if you're if you're a person who's you know so used to the standard design of vehicles that you can't handle this type of vehicle like you just f. For whatever reason don't i like it i mean i like the look of this vehicle right a lot i'm just thinking if you don't for whatever reason like a vehicle like this then you know maybe model s is your game but if you do well i've got.

For You Don'T Be Worried !

For you don't be worried about the safety because they've also done safety tests on this vehicle design and the way that this vehicle is designed it actually works out safer than standard body shaped vehicles so obviously that would. Take a lot of explaining maybe that's for a different video right which cars which car safer the ab terror versus the tesla yeah i will actually look at like um impact tests and things like that and you know like what their what the. Their uh bodies are made i've heard the owner mention that this is like a composite body so it doesn't rust either so that's some huge benefit obviously rust is a big issue with vehicles um soyeah that's my comparison i think if you.

Still Looking For ?

Still looking for range and not having to worry about finding the charger the altera all day long and you haven't got a lot of people to see because this is one thing i mentioned with the model 3 as well when i did that comparison w. With the model s obviously you can see more people we're not going to talk about boot space because this has got ample boot space right but i mean all of the back is basically a flat boot so you could fit suitcases in there you coul. Fit whatever you needed to carry around right you could fit it in there no problem so i'm going to talk about process and volume i might compare boots in a totally separate video um a luggage space and things like that do a comparis. .

Of That Where I'Ve ?

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Tesla Model 3 VS Aptera?


So it's game over really the up terror winsi'm joking let's get into the video so we're discussing the ab terrorversus the tesla model 3 now the app terra is a unique vehicle becauselook at how it's designed it just is look at that i. Mean the way that it's designed and the way that that's only one wheel at the back by the way it hasn't got two it's a three-wheeler but it's got two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back obviously the model 3 is um you know. Four wheel looks like a normal car kind of thing but look at this this just looks like quite a futuristic right especially i've not seen it in black as the first one that i've seen in black and i think he's got like lights going aro.

The Wheel Up There !

The wheel up there which just looks stunningly cool i love the red and black seas so based upon that right looks wise i think they're two different cars now the ad terra i'm going to discuss the ab terror first but the ad terror can. Do like a thousand miles on one charge range whereas the model three can do about three three fifty something about 250 to 350 right depending on what size battery you get but the thing with the altera is once you've got that 1000 m. Mile charge right and you drive around for 1 000 miles it's likely that as long as you stay under a 30 to 40 mile range per day well no as long as you stay under what does it work out as long as you stay under about 120 150 miles pe.

Day right120 miles a day just to be safe right and you're driving every day of the week seven days a week right but this might work out even better if if you don't drive that after you just leave it parked outside how i'm saying if. You're driving constantly for a week 120 miles a day you may not need to recharge this vehicle because it's so light and so aerodynamic it is also self charging so you can charge it by a connection but it's also got its own solar pa. Which recharge it to the tune of about i've heard 40 miles a day you'll get range so if look if you do 40 miles per day right a 50 miles even per day four or five days a week this vehicle is excellent for you becauseyou won't need t.

To charge it again that's that that is the selling point of this car and i was waiting to be honest for vehicles to get to this point and this pretty much has is there i would say like it is you know these loads of these need this c. Company needs to grow fast it needs to get loads of investors and hopefully grow quicker and you know it'sgonna reduce dependency on the gridso these cars really need to take off like it looks like it's going to take off you know al. They need is afinal the front and that's all i'll just start spitting and take off i think a couple of wings and i'll say you're off looks a bit like a little plane butumthis this is i think the main selling point definitely is that.

You Can Do A Thousand ?

You can do a thousand miles range and it doesn't need charging again and i don't think the model 3 can even begin to compete with that because after 300 miles 250 miles we'll need charging again then comes the price point right okay. So let's discuss the model 3 now 103 is really good right coopit's a bit smaller it's a bit more you know family type car you know small family type car it's really good right but this all right it's a four or five seater right that. The big selling pointthat the tesla is notbecause this seating wise this car will be classed like a roadster almost right because you haven't got thefour seats it's just just a two-seater but you can actuallylay someone in the back.

Obviously it's not really like safe and stuff but i've seen like people lay in the back of these up tara cars because you can actually camp in them two two full fully grown adults can lay in the boot of this car no problem like easi. Wise the tesla is about forty to fifty thousand dollars starting price model three whereas the up terror is twenty five thousand dollars no twenty five thousand nine hundred dollars starting price goes all the way up to forty thousa. Forty thousand dollars but if they're doing on additional stuff but you can add to it there's still a cracking price do you i think the big difference obviously isprice and seats i would say seats how many seats there are makes a hu.

Difference that impact on who would buy this car i think he's gonna go to like fans uh young couples professional couples or like singles or like you know it might be like a an additional car or a you know just a second vehicle or s. Something like that well you know it's only one or two people like that need to drive and need to get in the car whatever it's more than that it won't work as like a you know four or five person family car unless you do multiple tri. Which you can do because they're all free so that's so you can make it work as a family multi-family car no multi-family car three a a multiple person car but you'd have to take a lot more trips there'd be a lot more driving involve.

But They'D All Be !

But they'd all be free so why not enjoy itso i think the model 3 wins on number of seats but the aptera definitely wins on price and fuel efficiency afterwards because you can't beat free charge right no matter what you do you can't. I mean just okay yeah tesla gives you like an amount of you know free charging depending on the model you get and stuff butthe artery you don't need to charge just charges itself and this is where this is where it needs to get to th. This is the stage that things really need to get to like this it needs to and if it looks like that in the dark i really really want one because that looks really cool it looks likea batmobile from the futureand i really like itso t.

Very Cool but Yeah ?

Very coolbut yeah look at the aerodynamics like i remember people used to go try and lower the car to get more aerodynamics and lower it to the ground but yeah you got these days you've got such a massive risk of damage just by lowe. Loweringwhy not just make the car the shape of aerodynamics to shape that wind air flows around more smoothly and causes less drag like they've done here and it looks it looks stunning look at thatso yeah winds on price point wins o. Fuel efficiency times three but the model three wins on seating times three like it's got three extra seats compared to this um boot space i would say that the aptera's got more boots best than the model 3.trust me when you see.

TESLA cuts 3.3% workforce will vehicles be affected ?


Hello everyone and welcome to electric and Harvard cars. Com make sure you like share and subscribe this video is about the EV world as it is today and the leader that was in the EV world no I said that was because it seems like there's. A lot of job Cuts going on and that's all we're going to be talking about today so obviously as you can see on screen right now if you can see that is um we're talking about the mosque Elon Muskagrees with Jesus still searching for. God but hopefully you'll find him some um the company itself you know has been a leader an innovator in the space of electric vehicles but at the moment it was going through tough times and it was hinted at a few months back that th.

Were Suffering And !

Were suffering and struggling with some supply chain problems after that like as soon as that news came out there was a case of some interesting updates coming from mosque and Tesla to the tune of I think something like a factory wa. Was losing like some certain amount of billions per dayum so bus like a big amount of money right the these factories are some of the biggest factories in the world they can't afford to lose billions of dollars on a daily basis so o. If you're bleeding cash like that you have to cut production if the factories are losing cash I think what he's really doing is looking at okay where where am I losing money at the moment uh he's just trying to seal up those loose e.

Loose ends but unfortunately it's costing a lot of people's jobs it's causing job security risk and also you'll have other companies now looking at their Reese stuffing resource I think be thinking okay well you've caught it and he'. In likethe transport EV slash you know retail kind of space as well but so he's doing it so why don't we do the same especially with the global Market as it is at the moment but in the EV space the EV space has been affected by what. Been going on in the industry and here if you look at this story for example first of all from the telegraph Tesla sax 200 staff in also pilot division as deep job Cuts continue so there's some there's some deep job Cuts going on he.

Here and high tech seems to report that they were from California it's interesting to see that okay autopilot most of the hardware is predominantly already built right they're mostly probably just working on the AI side and you know. The the data science side and the data mapping and you know stuff like thatso these These are most likely not Engineers that have got unless there's a chip shortage with the AI components themselves I can't I'm not super up to date. What components are going into um autopilot technology at the moment but I'm sure it can't be unless there's been some type of shortage of Hardware components with autopilot technology but mostly it was sensors and there might be so.

Some Sensors Actually ?

Some sensors actually a little bit from some precious metals are more difficult to get hold of at the moment it could be something I'm just saying it off of a whim right now but I'll have to look more into why that's happened but au. Division is mostly like engineer basedsome will argue yeah Olive Tesla's engineer this but also pilot division mostly engineer based software developers yeah I you know stuff like that because most of the mechanical engineering is a. Is already done beforehand redo it once type of thing doesn't need to be done again after that but yeah the story continuesautopilotincluding hourly ones that's permanent staff goneso any staff okay inside has got the scoop on this.

Now right any stuff that I just startedis being sacked this was from three days ago now and any job offers that have been made or a lot of job offers that have been made are being withdrawn so staff that they were going to take on t. They're not going to take on anymore stuff that had just joined the company are being laid off sackedsee what else has been going onyeah people who joined like a week ago Bloomberg's got it as wellyeah 3. 5 I mean he was mentioning I. I heard 10 staff Cuts going on uh Tesla um obviously they're struggling to fill fulfill orders potentially obviously their most ordered vehicle at the moment is the model 3 so potentially struggling with that and I thinkis difficult.

To keep up r d at the moment with EVS unless you're doing it for this hyper mass production vehicle like the ruling GM ruling um the three thousand dollar Eevee 100 mile range if you're making one of them then yeah you should put lo. Of research into that but other than that if you're not making one of them then I don't knowstill be expensive one so 3. 5 head count is being cutsalaried staff are goingbut the total Workforce will grow solike I said look this is wh. What I said CNN's got it there he is looking for efficiencies at the moment okay where can I be more efficient he's looking for where the companies making more money where can I get rid of some stuff from production lines where can.