Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Aptera Gamma New Prototype?


Hello people so today'scoverage isabout aptera's new gamma vehicle the gamma version of aptera now this vehicle has been steadily awaited and other versions may be on the way or on the horizon so to speak but the gamma version has some. Interesting features and i believe that this is still the prototype of the gamma aptera electric vehicle because it has um [Music] it's not the finished model because it was just a show of what's to come really soagain i think a lot. Of their vehicles are prototype versions but obviously this one is based on having different features and they are fairly different i mean if you look at the solar panel array that has changed from six and they might offer an extern.

An Additional One !

Um additional one whereasi've heard things about entering the vehicle and how you just need to justknock on the door which is quite cool um i would say that that is quite an innovative feature because you don't see many vehicles or. Or any other vehicles really um where you can just knock on the door and the doors open and i believe it's the same with the boot as well which which is quite interesting just knock on them and open open the doors like um entering y. House you know like someone lets you into your into into a house or something or through a normal door what do you do with the normal though you go to walk up to a normal door and you knock on it and someone lets you in and that's w.

Whereyou know you get access now your car wants to let you in the only thing i would say is how do you know who's knockingthat's the interesting one but obviously you know i'm sure there'll be some fingerprint unlocks or mobile phon. Attachment unlocks or something like that going on in the future but for the moment the gamma version looks to be quite a feature rich and unique model of the aptera 3s andit seems to be that aptera is going to continue making other. Models because i remember when i did the um first video style update of what was going on with aptera and the prototypes they had quite a few they had about three then and i don't know i don't think the gamma was mentioned then but.

They had quite a few different versions different suspension types balancing speeds one with solar panels built in one without you know self-charging and all that um they had all of this stuff built in but i wasn't sure whether they. Wouldyou know coming to actual production models or not but now i do know that you knowapp terrace is building quite an offering of different model types and so they should because they should have you know an offering where the fea. Of the vehicles are and technicalities are different from one another and then they can assess what the consumer demand is for which feature because some features when you're building an innovative company the customers sometimes th.

The Customer Base ?

The customer base do not know from feedback or their own ideas what they're going to enjoy the most so it's best to just build it and let them decide after they use it and this is it's a slightly risky model but it can work sometime. Really well for innovative companies like arturo's so i think yeah build the prototypes let the customers use it and let the the market decide which features are the most and which technical features are the most popular it's a grea. Business model for a company like captain um i hope you enjoyed the video i shall see you in the next one make sure you like share subscribe see you later.


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