Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Aptera needs $50 million investment?


So in this video i want to discuss an interesting uh piece of news that i found um for ab terror and it's you know obviously it concerned me a little because i was like okay is troubling times in the [Music]innovation and alternative. Energy space at the moment generally just with everything that's going on it's supply chains with umall sorts of things so there seems to be something happeningwith investments as well soumand when this story came round it was sligh. Worrying because i was like okay this isn't working out becausethey're still looking for like 50 million rightwhereas i i'm not sure if in my previous videos i was saying something like you know they were ready to produce and manufa.

And Things Like That !

And things like that i'm sure they'll they'll end up getting the investment that they're looking for because obviously the vehicledoes what it says on the tin so you knowneeds to be said that the vehicle is is ready for um a broader. Broader spectrum and come out to the upper market but to say that aptera still needs 50 million dollars for production hopefully they get that sooner rather than later because we're still running towards recessions or investors may. To pull back or pull off but then again you may get other investors that are still looking for opportunities and you know in in the medium level um investmentchains let's just say or investment platforms not platforms what we're try.

Trying to say the 50 million dollars investment required as an investment level for mid-level investment you know firms or investors is not a lot so for some that are looking for opportunities through the recession this might be the. Opportunity that they they are looking for and actually want to double down on so after my might get the investment umbut we would have tosee how it breaks down soin terms of the vehicle i know that they've released a new version of. Vehicle as well i'm going to make a video about that later on um but reallyit's about umsecuring this investment or whether they're going to be able to i think it's a timing thing i think they should should secure it as quickly as p.

And thenget to production as quickly as possible you know and then after after they've reached that stage i think that they can worry about whether there's market demand or what the economy is like afterwards because you know they'r. They're not they're not going to be mass market straight away so they can scale back production and you know just hold cash for a bit until markets recover and stuff like that and i'm thinking that this vehicle is so niche at the mo. When it kicks off i mean up to the first hundred two hundred thousand vehicles would be niche niche customer based anyway so you know for individuals that's you know the the first movers on electric vehicles and things like that it'.

It'Ll All Just Be ?

It'll all just be those and that's proven with the tesla truck you know quarter of a million orders so that's what i think this will be the first first order of this vehicle will be like first movers um in the alternative energies o. In the electric vehicles space so i don't think they've got anything to worry about i think they'll fulfill all the orders they'll get all the orders in for the vehicles because there's enough of a first mover market there that just. Needs to find out about this vehicle and they'll say they'll just buy one anyway um [Music] so yeah i'm uh going to keep tracking this story because we need to know if that investment's coming in and we'll see how it does hope you e.


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