Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Why the Nissan Leaf?

I wanted to make a video about a car that i've been following for quite a number of years now make sure you like share subscribe if you're new to the channel we talk about electric hybrid and fuel efficient cars on this channel the nissan. Leaf is a vehicle an electric vehicle that i think since 2011 has as well as tesla see everyone talks about tesla being like the pioneers of the electrical vehicle industry but evs were going on long before that right okay we got li. Lithium batteries going in you know range dynamics and improvements and all that stuff but along side the model s the model x things like that there was also the nissan leaf and it was selling if not the most the second most depending o.

The Year Number Of !

The year number of electric vehicles in the past two decades so you can't really ignore it because it's very very important the electrical vehicle electric vehicles based in terms of a wider market adoption and people like enjoying mo. Electric cars the nissan leaf since 2011 has been selling almost in worldwide in many many different countries it's widely used and adopted i've seen reviews on it the decade-long reviews like you know people who have won the vehicle. For more than 10 years doing a review after 10 years and saying you know what it's still going and there's only a handful of things that they had to repair on it it's a solid running carlike there's solid running cars out there that.

You just don't need to repair that after because they're well well known for being economical and and good so to speak so the nissan leaf is also good for another thing and i was looking at this in a different industry liquidations i. Industry right but it's the same and that's for like you know used toys clothes electricals but that industry also exists in the used car market so for used vehicles used cars the nissan leaf especially use electric cars most of the. Used electric cars i'll nissan leafs from 2010 to 2015 at least most of them are going to be nissan leafs there'll be a few teslas in there there'll be a few other ones most of those are nissan leafs and people still buy those vehic.

Today people still buya nissan leaf that is 15 years old 14 years old well at the moment they stand to be about 13 years old but people will still buy that people will still buy that vehicle even when it's 20 years old and there's o. Only 50 miles of range in itpeople will still buy iteven with 50 miles of range because it's slightly bigger it's got it's more spacious it's more you know accessible in terms of charging points and things like thatso it makesa real. Good basis for electric vehicles and hybrids as welland that's how the nissan leaf has helped to push and promote and expand the electrical the electric vehicle marketnow in terms ofthere beinganother vehicle that's done similarly t.

There Just Basically ?

There just basically isn't there is not another vehicle that has done similarly to that this is the only vehicle at that price range because the tesla's came out a lot more expensive they're like sixty thousand dollars seventy thousand. Dollars this was like thirty forty thousand dollars and even now you can pick up a nissan leaf like a under 40 kilowatt around 40 kilowatt battery up to 200 miles range for about 27 000which is very very economical to say the least so. You can also get upgraded batteries more range like you can get the 40 kilowatt it started off as like a 32 kilowatt as well back in the day but now you can get like increased mileage up to 300 350 miles things like that like ample.

Mileage but they are more expensive so but in terms of the vehicle being very very important for the used car market i mean for example you could pick up a 2011 to 2012 nissan leaf on the market at the moment for about the seven five. To seven thousand pounds mark and it will still get you 50 to 70 miles of range which is not bad unless you really need 100 miles a day of range but for a local commuter local vehicle someone that doesn't go more than 10 20 30 miles. At a time it's excellent like you don't need more than that but someone who goes further it becomes more difficul to obviously but the new ones yeah you get ample mileage and range on those so it's overall an excellent vehicle hopefully.


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