Tuesday, March 7, 2023

GM Wuling EV VS Fiat 500 Electric ?


Welcome to this video which is a comparison of the gm wuling versus the fia500e if you're new to this channel this is a channel that is based on electric and hybrid cars as well as highly efficient petrol diesel vehicles and today we're. Going to discuss this comparison if you haven't already please make sure you like share and subscribe or if you're on the website also leave a comment and sign up to the email list so this is a very interesting comparison to me beca. I see both these vehicles are similarly shaped and if you look at the fiat 500 compared to the gm ruling which is obviously not available in the uk us and stuff like that the gm rulings they're still like in china predominantly but t.

They'Re Selling Very !

They're selling very well over there from why here there is something similar that's been released in europe that even a 14 year old can drive without requiring a license so there's something still yet to be seen but or to be review. I'll be reviewing that later on as well compared to other cars but i think this review is important because overall the fear 500 from the small ev cars it seems to be especially in in the european side of things the front runner from. From those vehicles i mean you've got a vehicles like the you know the iconic fully electric you've got the nissan leaf you've got the golf 53 you've got the bone you've got you know you've got other electric vehicles right but i'm.

About the smallest ones right seems to be the front runner but the gm wooling is very unique and what i think makes it unique is range versus price right which we're gonna get into let's go through the all the standard stuff right sof. So first of all we're going seating seating you've got your standard obviously three doors both of the fiat 500 and the jail in the three doors right you've got two seats at the front and you've got potentially two to three seats at t. The back right depending on size and space you've got small boots usual with these size vehicles and you know i've got a petrol vehicle at this size so same thing really so the next thing that comes in is obviously looks looks wise i.

Want to give them a draw by the way let's finish off the last bit seating y space wise i want to call them even though one's got slightly more than the other i'm gonna call it a draw on that thing because i've never given any vehicl. Or draw on anything next we're gonna go into looks okay and looks wise i prefer and again maybe this is just a personal thing but i do prefer the boxy look a bit more than the fiat 500 so the looks i am gonna give i think that is a fa. Looking car for the price that is we're gonna get on to price but you're gonna hear me mention it again before we do because it was just amazing to be honest so i'm gonna go with the gm ruling that wins unlocks okay what else do we.

Do We Like To Discuss ?

Do we like to discuss glad to discuss seating looks range and then we'll come on to price last right so obviously you've got the fiat 500e first of all that you can get like between 160 to 200 mile range which is fairly good for that. Size of vehicle anything that gets over 150 150 i think is like the minimum at the moment that you need an electric vehicle to have it's going to get you to a majority of places unless you've got a long commute every day or every wee. That is you know it's gonna get you to a majority of places that you want to go on to from so it's you know there's some ranges that i saw that said the fear 500 eu was 199 miles that's gonna cover you mostly you know you can get as.

Far as in the uk anyway you get pretty far with that right you need to charge a few times if you're traveling across europe obviously but you know you see why when it comes to gm ruling however this is designed to bea city car so yo. Talking you know you're not going to be commuting more than [Music] 40 miles with this 50 miles generally right and you can stay well within that range because this has got 100 miles on it so i'm talking i'm talking here from the pe. Perspective of that you don't need to charge the vehicle before you get to and from where you were going right so you go you commute to where you were going and you come back and you leave the car on charge at night when it's cheape.

Off-peak and you know just a standard way of using the vehicle you don't need to worry about charging it'll work or where you're when you are business place or when you're out things like that no extra charge you know and stuff you. Know on on a daily basis like on a regular basis like i'm just considering regular use of the mine because i think that's where you know cars and vehicles are the most important to consider things that are in regular use daily use th. That's the most important thing for these videos and these comparisons especially they're they're the consumers that i want to consider and think about what are they doing every day with the vehicle so yeah 50 miles either way and yo.

Charge The Car At !

Charge the car at home right which i pretty much think you could do in any city unless the city is more than 50 miles across right then you have to like make a response but i think you can pretty much do that so it's just a vehicle it. Got a fantastic range for what the vehicle is meant for and the price and it can be used as a very very small small family car for example you know if there's like two adults or two kids for example even three kids maybe you know it. It is still a very very good vehicle for that purpose now i would say that the fear 500 200 mile range obviously yeah you can go up to 100 miles i'm back oh i'd say about 80 miles i'm back so you call it you know 180 miles which i would.

Is Very Decent But ?

Is very decent but next we're gonna move on tothe price difference so the fiat 500 e get ready for this you can get if you do well for around about 27 000 pounds maybe twenty six thousand sometimes whereas the gm wuling is 3 000 poundsy. She heard that right the gm ruling is almost 10 times cheaper than the fiat 500 but you still get half of the range pretty shocking if you ask me so i think based on range and price or range and price value for money including range eve. Even though the fiat 500 is double i think the gm ruling has just scooped both those categories like hands down make sure you like share subscribe and i hope you enjoyed this video and uh make sure you leave a comment below let me See.


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