Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Aptera nearly 25000 pre-orders?


Okay so I went and actually found out this information that was quite crucial pre-orders before productionum for the aptara vehicle Electric vehicleI wanted to find out if abtera could reach the 50 000 to a hundred thousand orders or. Sales of his vehicle and a positive gauge or a strong gauge to the value of about one to four one to three up to the power of one to three um is normallypre-orders so what if I'm looking for app Terror to be able to fulfillor be abl. To sell or I forget fulfillment because as always issues with that at the moment um in different areas from different sites but if I'm looking for app Terror to sell 100 000 units then I'd be looking for anywhere about 100 000 units.

Within The First Two !

Within the first two years right maybe quicker than that but maybe even in the first yearif I'm looking for them to do that I would be looking for a roundfigure of pre-orders to the tune of about twenty to thirty thousandnow that ma. Pre-orders would give me confidence that avataro would be able to sell more than a hundred thousand units during the first round of Productions in the first few quarters right maybe like start the second year into doesn't matter bec. It's still it's Rocky Waters right generally speakingbut I think it's important for our tour to be able to sell the first hundred thousand units because thus generally the first move was in the market generally the people that are g.

Are going to have an app Terror that's gonna you know do their reviews on it and you know give their feedback on it and Tara will get more usage feedback you know real world feedback from just different kinds of people with differen. Opinions and that's what Arturo really needs to develop they're offering further and a further stabilize themselves in the market of EVS because obviously they've got they've got a unique vehicle that has got very unique looks looks. Wise it looks like a Supercar right in his home it's all right very unique looks very unique offering and the range you just well you can't compete with the range that's the thing I just wish somehow they'd turn this vehicle into a.

Four-seaterif they can I meanI'm a buyer if they can turn this car into a fall if they can make a four-seater prototype rather than just a two-seater that's it that's that's me sold like fully um if they make this vehicle a four-sea. With a boot I am sold that's me in rightso yeah it's um one of those things so that actually might be an idea for another video and a prototype and I think I don't know I might I might like do some drawings to maybe like give an ide. Idea of a prototype maybe it can be done maybe a car obviously because there's more way it will have slightly less range so it might drop down to like 700 or 800 mile range which is fine 800 mile range is fine I'll take it if I can.

Two More Peopleso ?

Two more peopleso that's an idea actually if Altera could work on that that would be excellent as a prototype modelbut back to the point of the videoapp Terror has actually in fact from the last figures I saw they've got just under. 25 000 pre-orders in already waiting so that makes good tune forthe futurethere will be more pre-orders happening and production will go in I need to still find out if they've secured the 50 million I don't know if any of you guys k. Know make sure you leave a comment uh let me know if they've secured the investment I'm still trying to find outum make sure you like share subscribe hope you enjoyed the video see you in the next one.


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