Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Fiat 500 Electric VS Honda E ?


Welcome make sure you like share subscribe in this video we're gonna discuss the fiat 500 versus the honda e so without further ado let's just get straight into it these two vehicles could be classed as small evs okay at the momentin. Like the uk europe these are around about the smallest you can get there is a 6 000 euro one in europe that even 14 year olds can drive but isn't in the uk yet already would like that but these two are generally the average priced s. Evs that you can get in and around the uk sobased on thatthey come in uhi still think high prices but everyone else would say that they're reasonably priced but i think these these types of vehicles should be around the 10 grand mar.

Mark Like Uh 10 To !

Mark like uh 10 to 12 000 but they're actually like 20 the fiat 500 is the cheaper one at 28 900 something like that oh sorry 27 000 and the honda e is about the 29 to 31 000 pounds price range so that's obviouslyquite expensive i w. Would say but others would state that this is quite good value for money so i suppose you still get your four seats five seats depending on the size of people even though they're like most of them are three-door uh vehicles you know. This this small right they're supposed to be small cities city cars right range-wise i believe that the fear 500 and the honda er fairly similar you know you'll get 20-30 miles range difference and you can maybe in the future select.

Higher range batteries and things like that but you know you'll get your standard 140 to 200 mile range from these vehicles right which is you know around about the acceptable range at the moment for electric vehicles but in terms o. And how it feeli believe that the fiat 500 wins out on feel driving feel because if it will feel like a fear and i know from driving fears that they are very comfortable to drive hondas are as well but i have not heard good things a. Things about the holidayin terms of his driving capability soi'm not going to score it as a win on driving capability but if we go on to then looksi don't know i thinkit depends what kind of look that you you like i think it's perso.

With these these two vehicles i think it comes down to personal choice they both obviously look modern and stuff up-to-date kind of thing slightly futuristic but with the lightsi would say that the fear 500 is not my preference this. This is personal this has to get personal now to make this choice between them looks wise i prefer the honda e i don't know it's got that type of boxy you know boy racer style lock whereas the fiat 500 to melooks likea micro right n. Nothing wrong with the mic by the way the new micros are really nice lookingbut to me the fiat 500 looks a bit like a micro but what i still personally drive one yeah i would in fact i've got a car that that has a similar shape to t.

P500 At The Moment ?

P500 at the moment i don't have a car that looks like the honda eso maybe i do really secretly like the fiat 500 looks like that i don't know i don't know but i'm gonna go with the honda e because we've got to give the hyundai somet. Because it's good that there's more evs out there soi would say that's that in terms of seating now it looks to be likestorage and seating capacity the honda e is going to win it againsothat's that but overall i would say the most i. Important things here uh price and range and i think overall value for moneythe best car has to be here at 500 because it's not a bad looking car at all right the honda is only slightly better looking just because it looks a bit dif.


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