Tuesday, March 7, 2023

TESLA cuts 3.3% workforce will vehicles be affected ?


Hello everyone and welcome to electric and Harvard cars. Com make sure you like share and subscribe this video is about the EV world as it is today and the leader that was in the EV world no I said that was because it seems like there's. A lot of job Cuts going on and that's all we're going to be talking about today so obviously as you can see on screen right now if you can see that is um we're talking about the mosque Elon Muskagrees with Jesus still searching for. God but hopefully you'll find him some um the company itself you know has been a leader an innovator in the space of electric vehicles but at the moment it was going through tough times and it was hinted at a few months back that th.

Were Suffering And !

Were suffering and struggling with some supply chain problems after that like as soon as that news came out there was a case of some interesting updates coming from mosque and Tesla to the tune of I think something like a factory wa. Was losing like some certain amount of billions per dayum so bus like a big amount of money right the these factories are some of the biggest factories in the world they can't afford to lose billions of dollars on a daily basis so o. If you're bleeding cash like that you have to cut production if the factories are losing cash I think what he's really doing is looking at okay where where am I losing money at the moment uh he's just trying to seal up those loose e.

Loose ends but unfortunately it's costing a lot of people's jobs it's causing job security risk and also you'll have other companies now looking at their Reese stuffing resource I think be thinking okay well you've caught it and he'. In likethe transport EV slash you know retail kind of space as well but so he's doing it so why don't we do the same especially with the global Market as it is at the moment but in the EV space the EV space has been affected by what. Been going on in the industry and here if you look at this story for example first of all from the telegraph Tesla sax 200 staff in also pilot division as deep job Cuts continue so there's some there's some deep job Cuts going on he.

Here and high tech seems to report that they were from California it's interesting to see that okay autopilot most of the hardware is predominantly already built right they're mostly probably just working on the AI side and you know. The the data science side and the data mapping and you know stuff like thatso these These are most likely not Engineers that have got unless there's a chip shortage with the AI components themselves I can't I'm not super up to date. What components are going into um autopilot technology at the moment but I'm sure it can't be unless there's been some type of shortage of Hardware components with autopilot technology but mostly it was sensors and there might be so.

Some Sensors Actually ?

Some sensors actually a little bit from some precious metals are more difficult to get hold of at the moment it could be something I'm just saying it off of a whim right now but I'll have to look more into why that's happened but au. Division is mostly like engineer basedsome will argue yeah Olive Tesla's engineer this but also pilot division mostly engineer based software developers yeah I you know stuff like that because most of the mechanical engineering is a. Is already done beforehand redo it once type of thing doesn't need to be done again after that but yeah the story continuesautopilotincluding hourly ones that's permanent staff goneso any staff okay inside has got the scoop on this.

Now right any stuff that I just startedis being sacked this was from three days ago now and any job offers that have been made or a lot of job offers that have been made are being withdrawn so staff that they were going to take on t. They're not going to take on anymore stuff that had just joined the company are being laid off sackedsee what else has been going onyeah people who joined like a week ago Bloomberg's got it as wellyeah 3. 5 I mean he was mentioning I. I heard 10 staff Cuts going on uh Tesla um obviously they're struggling to fill fulfill orders potentially obviously their most ordered vehicle at the moment is the model 3 so potentially struggling with that and I thinkis difficult.

To keep up r d at the moment with EVS unless you're doing it for this hyper mass production vehicle like the ruling GM ruling um the three thousand dollar Eevee 100 mile range if you're making one of them then yeah you should put lo. Of research into that but other than that if you're not making one of them then I don't knowstill be expensive one so 3. 5 head count is being cutsalaried staff are goingbut the total Workforce will grow solike I said look this is wh. What I said CNN's got it there he is looking for efficiencies at the moment okay where can I be more efficient he's looking for where the companies making more money where can I get rid of some stuff from production lines where can.


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