Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Aptera Raises $40 million, opens factory, in wheel motors?


Welcome make sure you like share subscribe in this video I wanted to discuss some of the latest news that's been happening the past few weeks and months without Terra and just to keep everyone updated on what's Happening and where the. Company has progressed to so far as well as a car so first title in we can see straight away we've got the upterra picks Eve energy is battery cells applier for a solar EV obviously the reason why this this is important right now is. Because there's quite a bit of um indifference going on with Supply chains at the moment and even Tesla was struggling not so long ago with its Supply chains in terms of batteries and things like that so securing a contract at this.

Point In Time That !

Point in time that can be delivered on um sequentially for the next three to five years is is quite crucial which altara seems to have done which will be good for the future also there it's got a second agreement in place so I'll pr. Be a back up one serial production our Tara wants to adopt a Tesla charge connector now this is interesting becauseI think maybe they're going that route because it's more widely adoptedthat's uh yeah because there's more charges ou. Out there and maybe it's umhow they want to go about things I think I think it would be a lot better obviously if there was just like a universal connector that you can just use or if not at least like um sub connectors or extension.

That you can use that you can just put on the front of the connector of a different vehicle to make it match you know but otherwise it should be fairly Universal I think would be the best way to go forward with this type of thing be. Because if you think about a petrol station right you select which type of fuel you want but the nozzle for every vehicle is the same right with car charging it should just be do you want fast charge do you want are you okay with st. Charge or do you want there should only really be the two options I think fast charge or hyper charge if you want should be the quickest they've raised 40 million dollarsfor to ramp up production for later this year and this is all.

All coming from guys like there's a lot of updates happening at the moment and the money's being raised because there is higher demand for especially cheap electric vehicles like these cut these vehicles will sell there's already qu. A few owners who are very happy with them and even some of you that have commented on the channel you know and let me know that you guys are proud owners of the app Tower um which I'm I'm very very happy and glad to see um and I app. Appreciate all of you thank you for subscribing and commenting and everything um but it's great to see that you know people are buying this vehicle they're enjoying it they're keeping it for you know for forever really for like for.

Ages You Know And ?

Ages you know and um that there's a huge demand increase for itsee now this one this update this uh our Terror orders in wheel Motors from a laugh laugh we'll just call it electro. Com no it's from a life actually electro. Com is wher. The where the news update was from in-wheel Motors right I was speaking to um a few mechanical engineers a few years ago and I said to them do you know what the best type of power drive train for an electric vehicle is an in-wheel m. And they were saying to me oh no it's uh is is there has to be you know talk driven through a you know an engine style setup or motor to power gaseous ratios and all that I have like no it doesn't no it does not it does not need to.

To be that way it needs to be in wheel Hub Motorsthat's what electric cars need to be they don't need to be engine filled and mounted and all these freaking 10 million parts and all this and that there just needs to be a battery two. To four hub wheel engine Motors the motors are inside the wheels themselves and that is it something goes wrong with the motor you repress the wheel that's it nice and simple the power drive is direct to the wheels themselvesI can't. See what the complications are like you're not unless you're building a high performance vehicle I don't know why that that isn't the case but yeah that's the same again thousand miles rangeso they've got a factory obviously with th.

Money that they've raised as a factory now where they can Mass produce the up Terrors I wonder if they listed on the stock exchange I do want to invest because it'd be a good time to invest in them right now um 26k solar car has a f. Factory and we'll roll out this year there we go and we can see I want to get this picture in of um from free think see if I can see it anywhere but you can see it there in in the right hand side another video they've got all the sh. Being produced there they look like they're being driven on my little electric robots actually to be honest which is quite fun but yeah so that's all the updates make sure you like share subscribe I shall see you in the next video s.


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