Tuesday, March 7, 2023

EV charging hits £1 per KWH?

Like is this news crazy or what it's just been flowing around the eevee industry and at first i thought okay when i saw it i was like okay this is probably just something you know one of those things that just happened but then i was. Like hang on a second with the current price of electricity like going up by 50 percent in the uk and like it's gone up elsewhere as well because the cost of energy has gone on the price of one kilowattto charge your electric vehicle. Reached a an iowa train one pound per kilowatt hour now if you've got like alet's say 62 64 kilowatt battery right let's say you've got a list of leaf for example and you've got a 64 kilowatt battery or something like that that's 65.

Pounds Because Obviously !

Pounds because obviously there's charging loss as well and transfer of um electrons so let's round it up to 65 quid right because it's not going to cost 64 quid because the power to charge also incurs a a loss of electricity so tall. Up equal equilateral equilaterally i've not used that word a long timethere is going to be a charge of about 65 pounds to charge an electric vehicle do you know something that is the same as or more thanpetrol and dieselat the momen. Is anyway that is extortionate amounts for an electric vehicle that's extortionate amounts but it's only for the moment hopefully obviously whilst energy costs are high and things like that because you know it's justone of those pro.

Problems that's happening due to other problems happening due to situations around the world plus a recession coming in plus we got an energy crisis plus we got inflation going on so there's quite a lot of things happening that caus. Problems like this to incurbut for now ev charging will cost around about a pound perkilowatt so i mean why why at the moment does it make sense even to still buy an electric vehicle wellif you got your own battery storage it still. Does yeah because then you're you you're technically your own power company are you you're supplying yourselfnow you're still the factor still is is if you've got your own wind turbine maybe and you've got a small patch of farm or s.

Something then you might be finebutif you haven't and your standard residential person you know back-to-back houses or flats or whatnot then evs are quite difficult now to charge at the moment with these prices but i don't know if t. Going to be any government subsidy for electrical costs for evs but i think if if you're charging your vehicle at home i don't know about ev charges that's the thing that charging spots on what their price is what's going to happen. With their prices um because i'm sure the government will probably have to add another 10 20 billion just for them but that might come come under you know just like business support and stuff um for the actual ev charges but the one.

Ones You'Ve Got At ?

Ones you've got at home will run through your own electricity bills anyway so that would factor in under the loan scheme that the government's taking out um to uh pay your bills with loans the government loans obviously so you have. To take them out so in terms of that the price won't be too much higher so to speak but that's just the way we'll have to stay i'll have to see how it goes and see where it goes from here hopefully things get resolved make sure you. Like share subscribe and see you in the next video.

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