Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Cheapest Nissan Leaf £6k?


So we're gonna take a look at some used electric vehicles in a new series that i'm doing i don't know how long the series is gonna go we're probably gonna start off in the uk and us and probably like expand to other countries and just. See what prices of used electric cars are around the world just because i feel like that'll be an interesting topic from some feedback that i've had i feel like people want to know that so we're going to start with one that i know p. Well the nissan leaf here in the ukso one of the popularwebsitesif i can find it usedso look nissan also sells used cars but i'm gonna go with this site because it just gives me a very genericoverviewof these carsnow it seems as tho.

Thoughthere'S Not !

Thoughthere's not manyusually with nissan least there's always around five six hundred of them available in the uk any one time because initially they just sold like six hundred and something in the first batch so we're gonna go wit. The cheapest obviously because that's what we really want to look intoso just have a looki don't know what's happened there i do not want to go through thislet's try the other oneokay i'll be right back okay i think i've got it work. Now i had to do a manual search but i went up to like a total of 8k just to see what's available so we're just going to run through some of them and seewhat you get for your moneyso we'll look into this one firsti've got it set by r.

By relevance but let's find the cheapest one first actually zoom for six grandi used to see them cheaper than that by the way what's going on here that's gone too far i think so yeah let's look at the six grand cheapest one first here. We go nice and white not my super favorite color but let's have a look it'sit's got pretty low mileage actually so look at that which is quite appealing because it's rare to see something on that's 10 years old and has only got 34 000. Miles on it five dollar five seats usual it's gonna mlt he's got seems like he's got a full year's road test passed battery does 100 miles full charge is eight hours looks good it just it does actually look very good especially if you.

Can still get that ranger they might still be able to still achieve that range purely because of the low mileage because it's only done 34 000 miles if this car had done i don't know let's say double that which double or triple that. Is what i'm usually expecting when i see a 2010 2012 vehicle so this is quite a pic so look at some of the pictures so this nissan leaf the interior seems to be quite good clean standard back seats you can see it could be probably been. Used as a family car that's why it's been just probably school runs or something short run something like that that doesn't look like it's any damage it looks as though it's umneither cleaner might have some scripts i think yeah it.

Looks Like Paint Scripts ?

Looks like paint scripts actually that's good so let's let's know exactly what's up with it yeah other than that it looks like a very decent vehicle i don't think that would be too probably a few hundred pounds maybe more to get that. Fixed i'm just like neatened up done properly but yeah as you can see okay so the actual full charge mileage remaining on the vehicle is 77 miles we call it 80 miles okay so it's dropped by about 20 25 which is expected which is why i. Was a bit like shocked to see the 410 run then i said 100 immediately it took 10 miles off straight away yeah look at this right here is what it says a hundred and ten miles pretty much 109 miles but after looking at the actual vehi.

Charge 100it does have a 77 mile range so that is more kind of in line with what i'd expect on a vehicle that's done about 30 40 000 miles so that's quite quite adequate um so yeah overall i think the price on these vehicles is incr. By or has increased it may drop after a bit but um so far nissan leafs have held their price quite well and this is obviously the cheapest let's go have a look at another one another look at one see if there's one with a bigger batter. Battery i don't think there will be40 oh no that's not the it's not within our price range that's an ad or something so this one's done even less miles let's have a look at this same size battery can't really find anything under 8 gr.

For a 40 kilowatt battery i think i'll probably be in the 10k range nowas you can see there is this vehicle available as well nissan leaf 2011 24 kilowatt battery24kw h and it also has a solar panel spoilerso let's have a look at thi. This it doesn't seem to show what the remaining charges on the vehicle let's just try and find that outnope we're not getting remaining miles on the vehicle but i'm presuming it's going to be around about the 80 mark i wanted to see. And compare because this is obviously a year older but yeah that just i would safely say that at 28 000 miles which is quite low as well actually from this unleash and that's 2011. This is obviously one of the first releases in the UK.


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