Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Aptera Testing New Prototypes on Drag Strips?


So I just found out app Tara actually use sa drag strip to check and test these prototypes and I didn't actually know this because I thought they were just tested in like a warehouse and maybe you know like the warehouse you know the. Production warehouses car park for example which is generally quite big but in this case it seems to be that after has actually been using a drag strip proper one two tests the prototypes and that is crucially important for many rea. Um mainly because standard vehicles are normally tested on on this type of straight drag strips as you can call them but uh app Terror the reason why it's important is because it really shows oh it's much clearer in terms of asses.

Assessing Core Functions !

Assessing core functions of um the battery life and cycles for example you could check life cycles and compare them to Urban driving for example it would give you a good test for like highway or Motorway driving compared to Urban dr. Where there's a lot of twists and turns starts and stops it would also give you a quick indication of Rapid energy usage for example how many Seas the the battery is pulling when under intense load so there's quite a lot of a lot of. Of um information that can be gathered from a straight run so I thought this test was quite interesting um and very important for the the development of the vehicles and the prototypes so I think that's uh obviously a good find of i.

Information to know that Arturo's actually doing tests like this on their vehicles because I wasn't sure how they were being tested because you know you could you could just put them on like a uh a machine to test which you should a. Do but I think it's better to do a multiple types of tests because there's no reason why these vehicles couldn't end up into actual drag racing because of the amount of you know because drag drag racing is all about speed and um rap. Rapid talk and you know um basically 0 to 60 and all zero to 100 in how many seconds now we've seen motorbikes you know achieve like zero to 60 in like two seconds three seconds or something some ridiculously fast right So that obvi.

Like shows that these vehicles can also you know when when they're not restricted for a normal Road use that is you'd have to unrestrict them and let more power out in a in a safe fashion so you're not pulling too much out of the ba. Batteries but when they're not restricted on a drag strip then they could they could like make some pretty good drag races I'm sure but um I'm not sure about the twisty well they could you know given that obviously this type of testi. They could also end up in like I don't know normal races you know EV races and stuff which I'm sure I'm pretty sure they will do they might I don't know if they're going to need their own category or not but I'm pretty sure they will.


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