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Aptera VS Tesla Model S ?


So aptera in this video we're gonna discuss more about terror and what's going on inside the company especially in the last few weeks and regards to money and finances and things like that and how which are very very closely linked to. How the company can go forth and potentially look at growing and development and you know improving and mainly getting more models out there and sold in a profitable manner because obviously the units have to sell some level of prof. For the company to carry on increasing as you can notice right before we get into the finances because i can talk a lot about finances because i'm a bit of an expert on that field but let's look at the car itself right look how uniq.

How Unique This Vehicle !

How unique this vehicle looks there's there's no car on the road like this no because it's a two seater um i'm reluctant to call it anything else than similar to a roadster obviously there's ample space in that boot at the back righ. I've seen two people lay down in that boot with the back right without tara and compared to something like the model srange wise look it beats it okay because i did a comparison to the model 3 but this is a comparison now to the mod. S right i'm also going to do a comparison to the roadster because i think that one will i'm not going to compare it to the model x because they're two completely different vehicles but i think you know with with these three with the.

The model 3 with the model s and the roadster i think they're very very similar comparisons and and like viable comparisons to be done so i'm going to compare those three so this one's a comparison to the model s right the model s a. You know you know came out before the model 3 quite popularbefore the model 3 it was the most popular vehicle that tesla produced and sold successfully andit is you know it's like a sedan it's a fairly big car it's not small quality. Build and stuff plenty of space it's got about 250 220 mile range this vehicle beats it on range hands down like no problem like and everyone as soon as anyone hears the range on this vehicle they just know it's like three to four t.

What tesla is they just know that straight away and then on top of that is his ample because by the time you get through that 1000 miles in the batteries you've probably charged up another 300 400 anyway so it is really like that be. Because it's like it says it can charge like 40 miles a day so you might have charged by the time you've driven a thousand miles you could quite easily charge three or four hundred on this vehicle the aptera sothere's no comparison. You know it price point wise this is more than half the price starting price on this on the aptera like you know under 30 000 for this near twenty five thousand dollars in fact for this and on the tesla model s you know you're talki.

Probably Seventy Thousand ?

Probably seventy thousand dollars starting now used to be about 60 i think soyou know it isless than half price for model s so again like with the mod tesla model 3 this isn't gonna get the points in the seating department or we kno. That right because obviously there's two seats and a massive boot right in this vehicle and that helps with you know things like the airflow design and things like that so you know i've had the ceo of arteris speak about how it redu. Wind drag around even around the sides because of this shape there's no side side wind drag at all on this vehicle because of the way that is shaped so and how it absorbs like uh wind gust lights with through the windshield because.

Of the way the windshield design and how they've had to make millimeter changes between the seats and stuff like that so a lot of work and engineering has gone into this and obviously they've been looking at impact models and and yo. You know computer edited software um models that show you what will work and what what and i know all this obviously from hearing what the ceo's been doing with the vehicle and obviously tesla's done quite much the same but they've. Gone mass market whereas this i i would say this is still slightly in i know a lot of you may not agree with me but i still think it's in roadster modei think it's you know preliminary vehicle coming out yes it has accomplished some.

Feats with its you know indefinite charging or self-charging just sayso compared to the model 3 and the model s which is what this video is turned into now comparison to the model s um the aptera just on rangeit just wins hands down. The only thing he's got on the tesla is seating and the styles are different the style if you're if you're a person who's you know so used to the standard design of vehicles that you can't handle this type of vehicle like you just f. For whatever reason don't i like it i mean i like the look of this vehicle right a lot i'm just thinking if you don't for whatever reason like a vehicle like this then you know maybe model s is your game but if you do well i've got.

For You Don'T Be Worried !

For you don't be worried about the safety because they've also done safety tests on this vehicle design and the way that this vehicle is designed it actually works out safer than standard body shaped vehicles so obviously that would. Take a lot of explaining maybe that's for a different video right which cars which car safer the ab terror versus the tesla yeah i will actually look at like um impact tests and things like that and you know like what their what the. Their uh bodies are made i've heard the owner mention that this is like a composite body so it doesn't rust either so that's some huge benefit obviously rust is a big issue with vehicles um soyeah that's my comparison i think if you.

Still Looking For ?

Still looking for range and not having to worry about finding the charger the altera all day long and you haven't got a lot of people to see because this is one thing i mentioned with the model 3 as well when i did that comparison w. With the model s obviously you can see more people we're not going to talk about boot space because this has got ample boot space right but i mean all of the back is basically a flat boot so you could fit suitcases in there you coul. Fit whatever you needed to carry around right you could fit it in there no problem so i'm going to talk about process and volume i might compare boots in a totally separate video um a luggage space and things like that do a comparis. .

Of That Where I'Ve ?

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